Inside Oracle APEX – Reloaded!

It’s time for a change!!! 😉 You may have already noticed that my blog looks quite different and has a bunch of new features. Have a look and explore it!

A year ago I already bought the web space and started to setup up a new WordPress blog in the background. But it never went live because there were some layout issues with Internet Explorer (as usual) which I never tracked down. This year I started a new try to reload my blog and use all the features of WordPress to make the blog even more valuable for you!

New navigation features

The automatically generated lists like the

will help to make the existing articles more accessible for you. There are so many blogs which have great articles, but were it is quite hard to access existing and older postings. That’s really sad, because there is so much unused knowledge stored in this articles. I hope you like the new navigation features to make existing articles more accessible. Check them out!

About the layout

I thought it would be a good idea to professionalize the look a little bit. It now uses big pictures and a different front page style to make the layout more magazine like. The layout is also much cleaner and reduced to the necessary navigation widgets, like the AJAX sidebar at the right side.

Just compare the old layout with the new one.

Old Inside Oracle APEX blog

Old blog layout

New blog layout

New blog layout

Quite different, isn’t it?

New update notification

I have also added an e-mail notification, because I noticed that lot of people are not familiar with RSS subscription or just don’t like it. E-mail notification can be used by everybody without having to care about a RSS reader. If you are still interested what RSS is, have a look at my related RSS posting. If you haven’t yet subscribed to my blog, do it now so that you are getting notified if there is a new posting!

Have fun with my reloaded blog!

Any feedback about the layout or troubles you have (I had to change the URL structure) with the blog is very welcome!

18 thoughts on “Inside Oracle APEX – Reloaded!

  1. Hi Patrick,
    the new design looks great.
    It’s one of those things i have in my to do list and that for some reason never get to the top of the priorities.

    I’m wondering if i bought a LIFO agenda instead of a FIFO one … 🙂

  2. Hi Patrick,

    The new blog looks great. I just wondering can we make a blog site using APEX instead of WordPress?


  3. Hi Ben,

    I’m sure it’s possible to create a blog system with APEX, but I’m not sure if it’s useful to do that. WordPress and other blogging systems have a huge plugin ecosystem which brings the additional benefit for these blogging systems. Don’t underestimate the amount of time to create a full featured blog system!


  4. Patrick,

    That’s true a blog system is typical of current web sites rich in graphics and interactions. However, the advantage of APEX is everything is in the database so you can easily extract business intelligence from it. A simple example is: can you search the contents easily in your blog?


  5. Patrick

    Met you last year in New Orleans and have Contacted you in the past with questions and the need for help.

    I have been using APEXLIB for some time and had run into intermittent problems when i would export and the import a page with a updatable form on it.

    The problem that would occur was that none of the functions would run. I couldn’t get the ApexLib.ApexLib_TabForm.getRowCount to fire. My solution was always to recreate the region.

    I had the same problem recentally and did not want to recreate the region alot of links and java would have to have been recreated.

    I found how to not have to recreate the region from scratch. The region was conditional. When I removed that feture of the region the ApexLib.ApexLib_TabForm.getRowCount was able to be run as well as the remianing functions to operate the page. (the condition on this region was just a bell and whistle)

    Thought you may like to know or may have others who have run into the same issue.

  6. Hi Patrick,

    Website looks great – very smooth. With WordPress, are there any costs involved?


  7. With WordPress there are no costs involved except for the web-hoster. But you can also use the free offer at


  8. Hi Patrick,

    As a fresher to the Apex tool can you suggest me some links to go through, so that i will get a clear idea of apex and will be able to build my own application (something like sending remainder mail).

    Thanks and Regards,
    Santhosh K S

  9. Hi Danilo,

    I use WordPress as technical platform, hosted by Dreamhoster.

    Works quite well.


  10. Spitze Aussehen hat dieser Blog. Woher hast du das Template ? Ist das ein kostenfreies Template oder kann man das irgendwo kaufen?

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