Incomplete/Broken HTML output

A few days ago an ApexLib user from Norway contacted me and told me that the framework doesn’t work and he is getting JavaScript errors.

I looked at the provided HTML output and I was scratching my head, because the output looked really strange and I couldn’t really come of with a good reason why the JavaScript code was broken. Another wired thing was that it worked sometimes for the page and sometimes not, the error was depending on the data which was displayed!

apexlib.field.addField("P4_REGION_ID", [...]
apexlib.field.ddField("P4_COUNTRY_ID", [...]

In the above example, the “a” of addField was missing, but in the previous statement it was there. So no programming error.

After some investigation I found the thread strange things happening: broken html in output on the OTN Forum.

Arie gave me a good tip and as soon as the patch was installed, everything worked as expected.

I write this blog posting, because yesterday I read that another user on the OTN forum had the same problem and I suspect that most users ignore the post installation steps of the APEX installation. So that’s a good chance to verify if you have installed the “PL/SQL Web Tookit Patch”. That can save you a lot of time looking for an error which isn’t really one.