Heading to ODTUG

It’s now also time to leave and go to the airport. My plain is leaving around 12:00. Fortunately I don’t have to wait that long in Atlanta for my connection flight as Dimitri had to do. “Just” 3 1/2 hours…

I will probably not blog that much, because I don’t have a notebook with me. Unless Dimitri shares his with me 🙂 But I’m sure on his blog you will find some impressions of the ODTUG conference.

See you there!

One thought on “Heading to ODTUG

  1. Hello Patrick,
    it was cool to meet you up there, i see that you didn’t recover from the jet lag though!
    I arrived today indee, after 12 flights and 3 timezones changes in less than 10 days…

    I guess that tomorrow morning it will be hard to wake up!



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