Hacking the APEX Builder – Part 3

On Wednesday I released the first version of the APEX Builder Plugin, on Thursday I added a small enhancement, but on Friday I had an idea how to really increase the productivity of the Oracle APEX IDE.

People who know me, know that I’m restless and just think about that as long as I haven’t implemented it. 🙂 So I spend some hours of my weekend to enhance my APEX Builder Plugin.

So what excited me that much that I spend another weekend doing some programming?

Based on my UI style guide I always have to change a lot of attributes for my Page Items/Tabular Form Columns/… when I create a new page/item/tabular form.

For Example:

  • Labels: I don’t like the wizard generated label template “… with Help”, I want to have them left align and they should have a colon at the end of the label.
  • Date picker: I have to set “Display As” to the correct format mask, set the Width and the Max Length attribute to some fixed values.
  • Money: I have to set “Display As” to text, set a format mask, set “HTML Form Element Attributes” to style=”text-align:right;”, because I want to have to have numeric items right aligned.
  • Have to remember all the hints which I can use with my ApexLib Framework

So many things to remember and so many unproductive steps just to get a consistent user interface. And what about if you have a group of developers, how to help them to enforce the same user interface style guide through the hole application?

That’s where the new Set select list comes into the game, which is seamlessly integrated into the Oracle APEX IDE!

Watch the video demonstrating the new “Set” feature.

The select list is fully configurable and can be adapt to your needs. The HowToInstall.html contains instructions how to change the select list. I have also created another video which shows how to use the Firebug add-on to identify the field id’s.

So get the Oracle APEX Builder Plugin now and increase your productivity!

10 thoughts on “Hacking the APEX Builder – Part 3

  1. Coolio! 😉

    Bye the way do you know of a hack that will allow for assigning short cut keys in the builder? Geasemonke?

    Regards Pete

  2. Hi Peter,

    great that you like it!

    What type of short cut keys are you looking for? Should they be assigned to Buttons, Tabs or fields?

    If you give me some details what you want to have, I’m sure there will be a solution for it! 🙂

    You can also e-mail me, the address is in my Blog-Profile.


  3. pretty neat trick patrick! and… thanks for answering my developers toolsbar question on the oracle forum 🙂

  4. Patrick I am looking for a way to get a shortcut for “Apply changes”. There is way to much mouse work in ApEX, but if I could assign a shortcut for Apply changes it would help.

    Regards Pete

  5. I have had no success getting this to work. I’m running Oracle XE on Linux. I used Dietmars method for script location but the SET box does not appear on my pages. The correct page is configured on the include too. I checked the JavaScript Console for errors but didn’t see any related to the Apex Builder scripts. I’m not a JS person so I’m sort of stuck.


  6. Hi,

    the best would be if you would send me the HTML output of your page and describe what exactly doesn’t work. The error page stuff or the cascading lovs, …

    You can find my e-mail address in the blog profile or in the installation documentation.


  7. Patrick,
    I got it working. I had the wrong URL defined. Thanks for the help and the wonderful tool. I’ve defined some simple formatting scripts that helps me provide a consistent layout to all similar forms. It’s a wonderful time-saving tool.

    Thanks again!


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