Hacking the APEX Builder – Part 2

Just updated the APEX Builder Plugin for Greasemonkey to version 1.1

Are you also setting “Export Comments” to YES each time when you export your Oracle APEX application, because you don’t want to loose your developer comments in the case you have to restore from a previous export. How often have you forgotten and have been lucky that you didn’t have to restore?

If you use the ApexLib Framework, the comment is event more important, because it stores meta-data required for the framework and trust me, you don’t want to loose this information! 🙂

In APEX 3.0 this has already been fixed, the default is now YES.

Until APEX 3.0 is release you can use my APEX Builder Plugin script for Greasemonkey, which will automatically set the “Export Comments” field to YES when you go onto the export page.

  1. Follow the steps in Hacking the APEX Builder – Part 1.
  2. If you have already installed the script, open Tools/Greasemonkey/Manage User Scripts… and uninstall the 1.0 version.
  3. Install the new version 1.1
  4. Verify that Version 1.1 is displayed in the install dialog, otherwise you may have to clear your browser cache.

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