Hacking the APEX Builder – Part 1

Last week I blogged about a resizeable textarea which can be integrated into an APEX application. I thought it would be cool to have this resizeable textareas in the APEX Builder, too.

How could that be done?

I think there are 3 possible solutions

  1. Add the code into the htmldb_get.js with some check that it only executes when the current application is 4000
  2. Implement it as a bookmarklet, but there are maybe size restrictions or
  3. implement it as script for the Firefox Add-on Greasemonkey.

I thought I give Greasemonkey a try, because it’s non inversive and it will automatically execute the script as soon as the HTML page has been rendered. So sorry Internet Explorer users! But if you know a similar extension for IE, let me know and I will take a look.

The installation is quite simple, just follow these steps.

  1. Download and install the Greasemonkey add-on.
  2. After the installation you will see a little monkey face at the right bottom.
  3. Download my APEX Builder plugin script
  4. Install apex_builder_plugin.js (File/Open File)
  5. That’s all, you are done. Login into APEX and try it out!

I have created a video, demonstrating this new feature. Watch it!

11 thoughts on “Hacking the APEX Builder – Part 1

  1. Very Nice!

    I love greasemonkey I have it doing so many different things.

    I’ll add this one to the list until we have time to upgrade the builder.

  2. Very cool video!

    I’ve some problems getting this to work in Firefox 2… In which version are you using this?

  3. Hi Dimitri,

    I’m using FF

    Does FF/Firebug show any error?

    If not, open the context menu for Greasemonkey, it should show “APEX Builder Plugin 1.0” at the top (but only if you are in the APEX Builder). If not check the settings in “Manage User Scripts”, maybe your URL is different. Does it also not work on apex.oracle.com?


  4. Carl,

    Greasemonkey looks really promising. Have already read about it before, but yesterday it was time to really use it.

    Great that you use it! I having already some other ideas for my APEX Builder plugin… 🙂


  5. Hiho,

    this is a great script, but only works with Oralce XE and the installed Apex version if you add


    to the list of allowed sites.

  6. Great work Patrick 😀

    One point to note … the Greasemonkey URL prefix must include a trailing “/”.

    now … if I could just get the boss to let me actually use Firefox and ApexLib at work I’d be a happy man …

  7. Hi Richard,


    What are the arguments of your boss not to allow you to use ApexLib and Firefox? Doesn’t he want you to be more productive?


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