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For a long time I didn’t see any use case why I should use Twitter. A friend even registered an account for me more two years ago, but I never used it. Why should I write 140 char messages what I’m currently doing? That’s really not that interesting! But since I joined the Oracle APEX team a year ago it’s different.

Since than I try to use it to keep in touch with the APEX community. Inform you guys what is going on in the APEX 4.0 development. For example what feature I’m currently working on. That’s  a lot less time consuming that writing a blog posting, but still gives you a glim what new features are going to be implemented into APEX 4.0.

If you want to follow me, have a look at The Oracle APEX community is getting more and more active on Twitter as well. Have a look at the hash tags #apexblogs, #apex4 and #apex.

A few tips if you want to twitter about APEX as well. Use the hash tag #apexblogs for all your APEX related tweets. I also use #apex4 if I write about APEX 4.0 related stuff and #apex if it’s related to all versions.

Not yet on Twitter? Sign up for an account! For easy access, there are also many clients available to access your Twitter account from your mobile phone. Have fun!

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