Enable "Add picture" for the HTML editor

The new HTML editor widget which was introduced in Oracle APEX 3.0 is a big enhancement compared to the old one in APEX 2.x and it works with all browsers.

The HTML editor is based on the open source editor FCKeditor. A few features have been removed, because they would require some server side code. One of them is to include images into the entered text.

But Carsten Czarski from the German APEX Community comes to our rescue!

The last edition contained a very interesting tip which shows how to re-enable the “Add picture” feature for the FCKeditor.

The article is only available in german, but with the help of Google Translation you should get enough information to follow the step by step instruction.

For the translated version you have to scroll to the right to see the images. I don’t know why Google Translate is doing that.

BTW, if you haven’t subscribed yet to the biweekly editions of the German APEX Community, you should do now!

8 thoughts on “Enable "Add picture" for the HTML editor

  1. Hi, Patrick, i recently stumbled upon this article and wanted to try this example too (it is XE with ApEx 3.0 – still had no time to make the proper 3.0.1 installation) Unfortunately, it was not working out of the box as described in article (it’s not complain, the recipe was probably tested on the regular ApEx installation, not with embedded gateway as i did), the problem was the custom configuration file setting – FCKConfig.CustomConfigurationsPath was not working. As i did in the past the FCKeditor integration (http://wiki.shellprompt.net/bin/view/Apex/FCKeditorIntegrationExample) – but could not remember of similar issue, however, it was not difficult to find out, that the javascript was broken due to missing fckstyles.xml in the root directory of fckeditor – after copying this file from the standard distribution, it seems to work ok. Could you share, whether your tried it on Apache ApEx or in the EPG and whether custom configuration is working for you without mentioned xml file?

    Best regards


  2. Hi Patrick,
    initially i was lost because i thought that this new HTML editor had replaced the existing one under “Textarea with HTML editor”, but as you remarked privately, there are two new brand elements in the Item type select list.
    There is one strange thing however that i don’t fully understand, if i try to enlarge a font, the resulting source code puts a font tag with a size attribute containing a number. Now, when this html snippet is finally rendered, the font size seems to be ignored, both in IE 7 and Firefox 2.0.
    Do you experience the same?


  3. Hi Patrick, how do you reset/clear the html editor when I press reset button in HTML?



  4. Hi David,

    I’m not sure if I do understand what you mean with the “Reset” button. Can you create an example on apex.oracle.com to make it more clear for me?


  5. Hi,

    the problem is that the HTML Editor is no real HTML input field/textarea. Actually it’s an iFrame in a special mode. The underlaying textarea which APEX uses and which is hidden as soon as the HTML editor is rendered gets reseted to NULL as soon you press your Reset button.

    I think what you have to do, is to call the JavaScript API the FCK HTML editor provides (JavaScript API documentation) and set the HTML editor content to NULL. Have a look at the setHTML procedure.


  6. Hi patrick, how can you reference (URL) a picture from my #workspace_images# from HTML EDITOR?

  7. Hello i have a preview button in appex that i want to show what i have typed in my text area, can anyone help me how i can do that?

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