DOAG is hosting a SIG meeting about "APEX for advanced"

The German Oracle Usergroup (DOAG) is hosting a SIG meeting with the topic “APEX for advanced”. It will be held on the 31. May in Kassel. See the agenda for more details.

*drum roll*
I will do my first APEX presentation here!
*drum roll*

The title of the presentation will be

“The power of the APEX Repository”


There are a lot of other interesting presentations, maybe I see you there!

Some side note to a person I know: Hopefully I don’t wait as long as you did to put the presentation together 🙂

3 thoughts on “DOAG is hosting a SIG meeting about "APEX for advanced"

  1. Good luck with your presentation and start to prepare on time 😉

  2. Congratulations Patrick !

    I follow your site even abroad and i’m really impressed about what you are doing.

    Keep the good work going on !

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