DOAG conference 2007 and my presentation

On Wednesday and Thursday I have been at the DOAG conference (by German Oracle User Group) in Nrnberg. It was my first time visiting this conference. With more than 2.000 participants, 16 tracks and more than 200 sessions it’s not quite as big as Oracle Open world last week in San Francisco. But the food was much better! For me it makes a difference if you get your lunch on a real plate with metal cutlery and not a box with a sandwich and plastic cutlery 🙂 But that’s America… even if it was a green event 😉

The DOAG conference was a great opportunity to get together with some friends like Denes Kubicek, Dietmar Aust and Carsten Czarski which have the same passion for Oracle APEX then I have. It’s always nicer to talk face-to-face with them then just chatting online. But it was also really nice that “totally unknown” persons where walking by and thank me for the help I provided them on the forum, via e-mail or with my blog postings. Once again, sorry for my horrible name memory, but at least most time I remember the problem 🙂 But I have to do something with my picture on my blog, because most say I look different on the picture…

So how was the conference? I think DOAG has put together a really high quality session program which I can only recommend. I’m sure I will come again next year.

I almost forgot, I did a presentation too 😉

It’s great to see how much interest Oracle APEX has in the German speaking Oracle user base. I had a room with more than 200 seats. It was packed, some people even had to stand! Remember there where 2.000 people, so APEX attracted more than 10% of them… I did a quick survey, all of them where APEX developers and a lot of them had an Oracle Forms Background. So Oracle, go for the Oracle Forms developers! They are an “easy target” or they might switch to .Net, … if they really going to migrate there Forms applications. Too bad that I didn’t have a camera with me to take a picture of the crowd.

I did ok with my presentation “Oracle APEX under the hood”, at least the people didn’t leave the room in masses 🙂 Maybe it was a little bit too much information, I think I will have a look on that they next time. I talked a “little bit” longer than the 45 minutes and time was running out. So I was not able to show the ApexLib Framework and my APEX Builder Plugin. But at least I showed the syntax highlighting and the code indent editor I’m currently working on. I think another nice enhancement for the Oracle APEX development environment.

The presentation can be downloaded with my other presentations from “Misc / Presentations“. I don’t know how much sense it makes without having seen the presentations, because there was much more information between the lines. BTW, it’s currently only available in German.

Before taking my flight back home to Vienna on Friday evening, I was walking around in the old city center of Nrnberg. A really beautiful city you should have a look if you have the chance!

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  1. PAtrick – we are very happy to have Oracle Forms developers look at APEX. We are also very happy for Oracle Forms developers to STAY with Oracle Forms as well. There is no need to migrate unless the option you are migration to give you something you need that you can’t have by staying (at least in some part) with Oracle Forms. I don’t believe any Oracle tool can target both the productivity AND professional “back office” data entry/manipulation applications like Forms can.
    Grant Ronald

    p.s. I also had pretty much a full room at DOAG for my Forms presentation and the Forms and SOA paper at OW was in the top 10% of papers in its track – so still a strong audience.

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