Do we need a certification program for Oracle APEX?

Honestly I sometimes have mixed feelings about all this certification programs. You hear stories about the PL/SQL exam which asks questions about triggers, triggers and triggers. I’m not quite so sure if you really do that all the time as a PL/SQL developer. Or you hear stories about DBAs who have a certificate and get hired as senior DBAs but don’t know much about the database…

But I recognize that certifications are some kind of important in the HR/job hiring world to do some pre-filtering. As it looks like more in the USA then over here in Europe, but I notice it’s getting more common here too. But as a manager, who is also doing job interviews for our Oracle job offerings, it isn’t “the” criteria for me to hire someone. Real experience is what counts and most time you know that after a few questions.

So what’s this posting all about?

David Peak the product manager for Oracle APEX is working hard to get a certification program together for Oracle Application Express (APEX) and I’m backing that up! I think it will help Oracle APEX developers and Oracle APEX itself to be recognized by other people as one of “the strategic” tools for Oracle and not just as a toy tool.

So please take a few minutes to fill out the survey done by Oracle University. BTW, developed with Oracle APEX! 🙂

David needs as many people as possible to take the survey to make it a reality. The deadline for getting feedback is mid-January so please don’t delay, just click on the link, a few minutes now will help the whole Oracle APEX Community!

BTW, for APEX I would really consider doing such a certification program. Just for the fun of it! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Do we need a certification program for Oracle APEX?

  1. jobs, jobs, jobs.

    If there were tons of jobs for ApEX developers, certification could set someone apart.

    Evangelistas need to spread the gospel.

    I still support the program, but until there is greater demand..

  2. Hallo Patrick

    Thanks for linking to my blog! Recently I was looking for a new job and had a few interviews. It wasn’t my OCP certification as such which was a plus. But certifications mean that you are eager to learn. And that’s a plus for sure. The real problem with those exams is not the sometimes strange questions. The real problem is braindumps. See Laurent Schneiders post on the topic. I completely agree with him.

    But as you said, after a few questions you know if somebody just used a brain dump to get certified.


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