Caution: Apex_Item.Date_Popup and Oracle APEX 3.1

Just to let you know in case you are hitting the following problem or plan to upgrade to 3.1. The version of Apex_Item.Date_Popup which comes with Oracle APEX has a “small” bug. The Date Picker will always write the return value into the first row, independent for which row you have opened the Date Picker.

Carl has already provided a workaround for the bug and I’m pretty sure it will be fixed in the first patchset of Oracle APEX 3.1.

2 thoughts on “Caution: Apex_Item.Date_Popup and Oracle APEX 3.1

  1. It’s not a bug!
    It’s a feature!
    It’s the “Only update first row feature”, of course since most people seem not to want this feature said feature will be removed in patch.

    The fix has already been checked into subversion.

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