Oracle APEX related articles you should read

Lately a few Oracle APEX related articles have been published which you should read.

Three new interesting postings

If you haven’t subscribed to all Oracle APEX blogs which are out there, I want to bring your attention to the following three postings which I think are of general interest.

Just to keep you updated 🙂

Want to integrate a fancy Thumbnail Viewer in your application?

Then you have to check out the blog of Dimitri Gielis! A month ago he did a posting about how to integrate the Highslide JS thumbnail viewer (check out there homepage, they have a nice demonstration gallery) into an APEX application.

If you haven’t attended Oracle Open World 2006 in SF (like me), you have to check out his diary about OOW. You feel as if you have been there! 🙂

Superbe German Oracle APEX community website – Export via Commandline

If you are able to read german, check out the excellent Oracle APEX community website hosted by Carsten Czarski of Oracle Germany. There are a bunch of How-To articles, which walk you through complicated stuff by providing a very detailed description what to do. Piece of cake, as the Americans would say! 🙂

Every two weeks two new topics are covered. Last edition covers Exporting via commandline and About DBMS_SCHEDULER.

This site is a must read for german Oracle APEX developers!