Integrate Speech Recognition into Oracle APEX

Tyler Muth has posted a really cool example on how to integrate Oracle APEX with another service.

Jott is a speech recognition service and allows to integrate third party applications into there service. Tyler used this mechanism to write the output text of the speech recognition into the table of an Oracle APEX application. Read all the details on his Speech to text to Oracle APEX posting.

Great work Tyler!

Too bad that the service is not available in Europe 🙁

Remote debugging of an Oracle APEX application

may08_ocover.gifIf you ever wanted to remote debug the PL/SQL code which is called during execution of an Oracle APEX application, then have a look at the May/June issue of the Oracle Magazine. David Peake wrote an article titled The Power of Two on how to use SQL Developer to do that. On the German Oracle APEX Community Web-Site you will find a similar how-to in German.

Update: In Oracle APEX 3.1.1 there will be a new debug mode called REMOTE to enable remove debugging in Oracle APEX without having to modify the application. See the related posting on the OTN Forum.

Building Interactive Reports in Oracle APEX 3.1

In the newest issue of Oracle Magazine, David Peake has written an article about Building Interactive Reports. “The” new feature of the upcoming Oracle APEX 3.1.

If you haven’t looked at the beta yourself, this article is a good chance to get some more details about this exciting new feature of Oracle APEX.

BTW David, reading the article someone could have the impression that it was planned to have a released Oracle APEX 3.1 when the article is published. I just say: “Deadlines” in the software industry… 😉

For more Oracle APEX 3.1 coverage read:

Should you consider Apache 2.0 for an Oracle APEX installation?

Just read a very interesting posting by Joel Kallman, titled Oracle HTTP Server, Apache 2.0 and connection pooling. Before Oracle 11g, mod_plsql was just available for Apache 1.3 which had one big drawback on Unix systems. Apache 1.3 just supports a process model which prevents that mod_plsql can really take use of a database connection pool, because each process has his own “dedicated” database session which can’t be shared across process bounders.

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More Oracle APEX blogs

I don’t know how this blogs could hide for such a long time from my Oracle Application Express (APEX) radar, but there are two new Oracle APEX blogs out there.

Paulo Vale has started his Oracle Apex Notebook blog back in September and Jason his APEXWONDER blog in October. So check them out and give them a warm welcome! Bloggers like comments in there blog! 🙂

Paul and Jason, welcome to the Oracle APEX blogger community and keep blogging!

Survey: XML in the database

Note: The following article is in German, because the referenced blog is written in German.

Der Carsten Czarski, auch bekannt fr seine tolle Arbeit auf den Seiten der deutschen Oracle APEX Community, macht gerade auf seinem Blog SQL und PL/SQL in Oracle eine Umfrage zum Thema “XML in der Datenbank“. Vielleicht schaut Ihr ja schnell mal vorbei und macht mit!

brigens, sein Blog enthlt immer wieder tolle Postings. Sehr lesenswert!

Another blogger from the Oracle APEX team!

I want to welcome David Peake, the product manager for Oracle Application Express (APEX) in the Oracle APEX blogging community. A quote from David

My intention is to use this Blog to inform people on new things happening within APEX. One of my other reasons for starting the blog is because there are times when I need to get things from the Community as well.

And he immediately started to request things from the community :-). He wants to build a new section on the OTN Oracle APEX Page with a showcase of Internet applications built using APEX.

Check out his blog and give him a nice welcome!

David, looking forward to see you at OOW in SF!

Some interesting postings

In the past few weeks there have been a few interesting APEX related postings I want to share with you.

Have fun reading them!