Thanks Anthony!

Anthony Rayner was so nice to have a look and send me corrections for the documentation of my recently released Oracle APEX Builder Plugin. I also have updated the documentation to make it more clear what the pre-requirements are to be able to open the “APEX Builder Plugin Settings” dialog.

The updated documentation can be found in the new 1.9.1 release. If you already have installed the plugin, you don’t have to upgrade. The Plugin itself hasn’t changed.

Thanks again Anthony for you help I really appreciate that!

Oracle APEX Builder Plugin v1.9 release!

The Oracle APEX Builder Plugin is a productivity and usability enhancement tool for the development environment of Oracle Application Express (APEX).

It integrates with Firefox and Internet Explorer 6 & 7 to put a wealth of new features to your favorite development tool. The good news is, it’s Open Source and you can use it for free!

If you haven’t heard about it yet, have a look at the newly designed project homepage to read about all the enhancements it adds to the Oracle APEX Builder! Continue reading

Oracle APEX Builder Plugin available for Internet Explorer

The Oracle APEX Builder Plugin is now also available for Internet Explorer!

For a long time I was looking for a Greasemonkey like add-on for Internet Explorer. I found several of them, like Greasemonkey for IE, Trixie or Turnabout. But the drawback of all of them is that they are not maintained anymore. In most cases development stopped already more than a year ago and the homepages do not mention if they work with Internet Explorer 7 or not.

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Pimp your Oracle APEX Builder

The disadvantage of the new “Web-World” is that most web pages/applications are not really usable with the keyboard. There are no keyboard shortcuts to trigger different actions like saving the changes, … You always have to use the mouse for that, from a usability point of view that’s not good 🙁

The Oracle APEX development environment is also written in APEX and runs therefor in the browser. By default there are no keyboard shortcuts to “Apply Changes”, “Run the page”, … But here comes the rescue of you productivity and usability! 🙂

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Seamless integration of ApexLib into the APEX Builder IDE

One of the “drawbacks” of using the ApexLib Framework is, that you have to remember all the “ApexLib Hints” which you have to use to configure the runtime behavior of the framework.

Ok, after some time you are getting used to them, but still, wouldn’t it be much more comfortable to set this properties as you do it for the APEX properties?

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Hacking the APEX Builder – Part 3

On Wednesday I released the first version of the APEX Builder Plugin, on Thursday I added a small enhancement, but on Friday I had an idea how to really increase the productivity of the Oracle APEX IDE.

People who know me, know that I’m restless and just think about that as long as I haven’t implemented it. 🙂 So I spend some hours of my weekend to enhance my APEX Builder Plugin.

So what excited me that much that I spend another weekend doing some programming?

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Hacking the APEX Builder – Part 2

Just updated the APEX Builder Plugin for Greasemonkey to version 1.1

Are you also setting “Export Comments” to YES each time when you export your Oracle APEX application, because you don’t want to loose your developer comments in the case you have to restore from a previous export. How often have you forgotten and have been lucky that you didn’t have to restore?

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