ApexLib release 1.03 available

Did some bug fixing for the ApexLib Framework.

This release also solves the problem of navigable Date Picker/Lov icons when using Firefox. The framework now removes the “a href” of the icon from the DOM tree and assign the action of the link as onclick event to the icon. So no navigation problem with any browser anymore.

Does anybody use the framework with a pre-APEX 2.2 version and wants to have the non-navigable Date Picker/Lov icon feature? Because there is a pending bug for that which I only will implement if there is a demand for it.

The following other bugs have been fixed in this new release:

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Restrict input length of Tabular Form columns

One problem with Tabular Form Column is that they don’t have a “Maximum Width” property as Page Items do. APEX automatically generates a maxlength=2000 for all columns. What is the result? The user gets a

when he enters a too long value. Not really nice, isn’t it? And now he has to start counting so that he knows where to cut of…
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Tabular Form record navigation with Up/Down key

I have added another small usability enhancement to the ApexLib Framework.

When you call the API


it will register the keys Up and Down to navigate to the previous/next record in a Tabular Form. This should work for manually build (with Apex_Item) and also for the default updateable Tabular Forms.

It is by intention that the Up/Down key doesn’t work on textareas and select lists, because on that type of field the Up/Down is used by the widget.

Try it out on the ApexLib Feature Demonstration site.


Non navigable Date Picker-/Lov/Image Button Icons

I still remember my “usability experience” when I first tried out Oracle APEX and created a form with a Date Picker and a Lov and run the page afterwards.

I had to click tab twice to go from a Date Picker or Lov item to the next item, because the Icon next to the field got the focus.

I was scratching my head and thinking, “Is that the Web-Experience and the easy of use, every manager and Java/JSP/JSF/PHP/… developer is talking about?”.

With that kind of usability should I really throw away our rich-Web-client Oracle*Forms and give the users that kind of interface which they have to use each day long to enter data into the system?
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Resizeable Textarea

Some time ago there was an interesting posting on the OTN forum about integrating resizeable textareas into APEX (especially into the Application Builder).

I thought that is a nice and useful feature, so I adapted it a little bit and integrated it into the new release of the ApexLib Framework.

Check it out on the ApexLib Feature Demonstration page.

How to use it in your application?

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