ApexLib 1.7 released!

Unbelievable, but I finally found the time to put together a new release of the ApexLib Framework for Oracle Application Express (APEX).

I have created bug fixes and enhancements since the last version has been released last year, but I just sent them to the person who requested it. I thought it’s really getting time to put together a up-to-date version which also handles some issues with the last Oracle APEX 3.1.1 patchset.

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Attention! Are you using the Drop in replacement for V and NV function?

If you are using my Drop in replacement for V and NV function and you are upgrading to Oracle APEX 3.1 then you have to alter the functions to reference the new schema FLOWS_030100!!!

If you are not doing this your applications will not work because the functions are trying to read the session state from the old FLOWS_030000 schema, but there no values can be found for the current session which are stored in FLOWS_030100.

Just to let you know that you are not searching to long why your application doesn’t work after the upgrade.

Note: You may have installed this drop in replacements as optional part of the ApexLib Framework!

ApexLib and HTMLDB 1.6 – does it work?

According to Richard, a Scottish ApexLib user it does!

He has successfully integrated the ApexLib Framework into a HTMLDB 1.6 application. To get it running you have to follow the APEX 2.0 installation steps.

I have no plans to “officially” support HTMLDB 1.6, because I don’t have such an environment and 4 different APEX versions are already enough, but it’s great to hear that it works with such an old version, too!

Potential problem with ApexLib 1.6 and Popup Lovs

If you are using ApexLib 1.6 with Internet Explorer you may encounter a problem with Popup Lovs when you select a value. The value is set in the calling page but the Lov Popup isn’t closed, instead a JavaScript error is displayed.

Note: This error only occurs if you have included the ApexLib_Lov.js file into your “Popup Lov Template” as described in Chapter 3.12 of the How To Integrate.

Use the following new version of ApexLib_Lov.js to fix that problem.

Seamless integration of ApexLib into the APEX Builder IDE

One of the “drawbacks” of using the ApexLib Framework is, that you have to remember all the “ApexLib Hints” which you have to use to configure the runtime behavior of the framework.

Ok, after some time you are getting used to them, but still, wouldn’t it be much more comfortable to set this properties as you do it for the APEX properties?

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