Hacking the APEX Debugger

You like the build-in APEX Debugger which you can be activated through the Developers Toolbar?

All links which APEX is generating when rendering the page contain the debug flag too. But when you enter something into a form and press the submit button or any other button, the Debug mode is disabled and you don’t see what APEX is doing to process the data.

It’s time to “hack” the APEX debugger!

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Is my application running in Developer Mode?

On the OTN forum someone was asking today…

Can I determine if I am running a page “normally” or with the developer toolbar visible, ie as a developer? If this were the case, I’d add in a condition on this to ensure it was always available to me when developing but not to end users.

After looking around in the APEX packages I found the global variable Continue reading

Superbe German Oracle APEX community website – Export via Commandline

If you are able to read german, check out the excellent Oracle APEX community website hosted by Carsten Czarski of Oracle Germany. There are a bunch of How-To articles, which walk you through complicated stuff by providing a very detailed description what to do. Piece of cake, as the Americans would say! 🙂

Every two weeks two new topics are covered. Last edition covers Exporting via commandline and About DBMS_SCHEDULER.

This site is a must read for german Oracle APEX developers!