Auto Refresh Flash Charts in APEX 3.0

Have you already used the new Flash Charts in Oracle APEX 3.0?

As for SVG charts you can set them to Auto Refresh after x seconds. But it looks like that a small nice feature of the SVG charts is missing for the Flash charts. It doesn’t automatically show when the last refresh occurred.

But how can we add that?

At the first look it doesn’t seem to be that easy, because no full page refresh occurs, just the Flash chart is updated with an AJAX call.

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Useful Oracle APEX tools

Did you know that the Oracle APEX distribution contains some nice little tools?

The command line export tool is probably well known, John Scott blogged about it some time ago.

But did you know that there are two additional scripts which can get handy sometimes?

  • apxxepwd.sql in the root directory. This script can be used to set the password for the ADMIN user of APEX. Just in case if you don’t remember it anymore. Jornica, thanks for the tip!
  • \utilities\reset_image_prefix.sql to change the image prefix path for an existing APEX installation.

Running the APEX Builder IDE in your native language

Running the Oracle APEX Builder IDE or any other development environment with an other language than English can sometimes be really, let’s say “irritating”. 🙂

For example, if you are used to English database errors and you read the same German errors the first time you sometimes really scratch your head and ask yourself what does this error message mean? Understanding the English translations is sometimes really hard and it doesn’t really help that the message is now in your native language which you normally understand… 🙂

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Three new interesting postings

If you haven’t subscribed to all Oracle APEX blogs which are out there, I want to bring your attention to the following three postings which I think are of general interest.

Just to keep you updated 🙂

Accessing Tabular Form cell with JavaScript

Today there was a thread on the OTN forum about how to access a Tabular Form cell with JavaScript and I thought it might be of general interest.


You have a Tabular Form with 3 columns (Amount, Tax, Total) and want to populate the Total column with the sum of Amount and Tax as soon as Tax has been entered.


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Tabular Form alignment with page items

There was a question on the OTN forum about alignment of page items which should look like a tabular form. I thought it might be of general interest, so I created a short posting about it.

As you can see from the posting, the person asking tried several different settings, but got gaps between the fields or they where not aligned as desired.

There is a trick to avoid this gaps, use the following settings: Continue reading

Display Null = "Yes" and the %null% problem

I think most of us had already the problem, that when the Display Null property for a LOV has been set to “Yes”, that APEX had generating a %null% as indexing value for this “null” lov entry.

The problem now is that when the user selects the “null” entry from the select list, the page item gets populated with the %null%. If you don’t write some code to set the item to NULL when it has %null% as value, the database will raise an error (eg invalid number…).
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