Checking if a Page Item has been rendered or not

Did you ever have had the requirement that a validation should only fire if the page item has been rendered (eg. if you have defined a condition or authorization)?

As long as you set the “Associated Item” property in the validation to the page item you want to check, you are fine. Oracle Application Express (APEX) will do the check for you and only fire the validation if it’s there. BTW, I didn’t know that – really nice! 🙂 But if you create a page level validation it’s up to you to determine if the item is there or not.

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Using tooltips in Oracle APEX applications

That’s maybe an old tip and probably everybody already knows it, but because I just answered that question on the OraFAQ forum, I wanted to share it with you in case you didn’t know.

Maybe you have already noticed that in the Oracle APEX Builder at some pages a tooltip is used. For example for the icons on the Drag and Drop Layout page. This tooltip functionality can be reused in your own applications. You just have to add

onmouseover="toolTip_enable(event,this,'This is a tooltip')"

into the “Attributes” property of your HTML button or into the “HTML Form Element Attributes” property of your page item. In the end you can attach it to any HTML element. But I think you got the idea how it works.

Enable "Add picture" for the HTML editor

The new HTML editor widget which was introduced in Oracle APEX 3.0 is a big enhancement compared to the old one in APEX 2.x and it works with all browsers.

The HTML editor is based on the open source editor FCKeditor. A few features have been removed, because they would require some server side code. One of them is to include images into the entered text.

But Carsten Czarski from the German APEX Community comes to our rescue!

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How to run Javascript code for a PPR Report?

Maybe you have already used a PPR (Partial Page Rendering) report, by setting the “Report Template” property to “template: 7. Standard (PPR)”.

That’s quite a nice feature, because not the hole page is rendered when you are paginating through the report, just the report itself is refreshed with an AJAX call. But what happens if you want to run some Javascript code after the report content has been refreshed? For example to hide the “Select All” checkbox of the row selector.

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Some interesting postings

In the past few weeks there have been a few interesting APEX related postings I want to share with you.

Have fun reading them!

Opening URL in a new window

You want to create a button or a navigation list entry where you want to open an URL in a new browser window?

With plain HTML you would normally just write

<a href="http://url/" target="_blank">

but how to specify the target=”_blank” in Oracle APEX, where you just have the property “URL Target” which just allows you to enter the URL?

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