Is your Oracle APEX session timing out?

You have upgraded to Oracle APEX 3.2 and are getting kicked out of your Oracle APEX Builder each time you are going back to your browser window after you have worked on something else for some time? For the last few days I had this problem quite often and it annoyed me a little bit. Being sure that this behavior is configurable, I asked Anthony Rayner during a chat where I can change that. Continue reading

Using Windows Login Credentials for Single Sign On (NTLM authentication)

Most users are lacy and don’t want to enter login credentials each time they start up an Oracle APEX application. They tell you,

“Hey I have already logged in into my computer, can’t you use that information for the APEX application?”.

Sure we can! The NTLM protocol is one way to do that.

Instructions on how to integrate mod_ntlm have been around for quite some time. See the article on HTMLDB Studio and a more up-to-date version by Martin Köb of GreenIT. But that always involves installing mod_ntlm on your Apache.

Jason Straub, a member of the Oracle APEX development team did some digging and found a PL/SQL only solution which doesn’t require mod_ntlm. Have a look at his first blog posting called “NTLM HTTP Authentication and Application Express” and welcome him as new member of the Oracle APEX blogging community!

Jason, welcome and keep blogging such great articles!

Adding a CAPTCHA to your Oracle APEX application

Haven’t had the requirement to add one in my applications until now, but after reading Dan’s posting about integrating reCAPTCHA with Oracle SSO, I thought that shouldn’t be to hard to integrate into an Oracle Application Express (APEX) application too! A nice challenge for the evening 😉

Update on 08-Nov-2011: This is now also available as an easy to use item type plug-in for Oracle APEX 4.0. Have a look at the Google reCaptcha plug-in at

I know that there are some similar solutions out there on the OTN forum and on the unOfficial Wiki page, but the SVG solution isn’t very secure in my opinion and the other solution uses an unsupported non-public package of Oracle APEX. So how can we integrate the reCAPTCHA widget instead?

Continue reading

Oracle APEX related articles you should read

Lately a few Oracle APEX related articles have been published which you should read.

Using Google Account for APEX authentication

Google AccountRead a very interesting posting on Przemek Piotrowski blog about using the Google Account credentials for an APEX application login.

The method described uses the Google Account Client Login API for verifying the user.

More details at Application Express user authentication using Google Account.

I think that’s a good example of the flexibility of APEX to adapt to the different needs of an application.