Oracle APEX 3.1 evaluation version ready for public beta testing!

Just read the e-mail that the Oracle APEX team has released the Oracle Application Express (APEX) 3.1 evaluation version for public beta testing. As with 3.0, you can do the testing on a hosted environment. So get ready, register for a workspace and start testing the new release. The new “Interactive Report Regions” are really great! So give them a lot of feedback about the new/changed features so that we get a really stable production version as usual!

All the details can be found in the original mail below:

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Updated Statement of Direction for Oracle APEX 3.1 and 4.0

It looks like that the Statement of Direction for Oracle Application Express (APEX) has been updated.

Based on the update, Oracle APEX 3.1 will contain now much more features than in the original Statement of Direction, which was posted a few weeks ago. One of the exiting new features will be the “Interactive reporting region types” which Carl Backstrom already demonstrated in his Oracle Application Express (APEX) 4.0 – Preview Video. There where some rumors that it would already be part of 3.1, but only as PL/SQL API’s. As it looks now, it’s fully integrated into the Oracle APEX Builder environment. That should make the handling much easier. I think the enhancement of the Oracle APEX mail API’s to handle attachments, will also help a lot of people. Too bad that the custom item types and the error handling improvement didn’t make it into 3.1. But read on to find out what’s coming up.

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Oracle Application Express (APEX) 4.0 – Preview Video

Just read that Carl Backstrom has made his video public, which is showing on of the “WOW” features of the upcoming Oracle APEX 4.0 release. The video was first shown at the “First Oracle APEX Training Days” by APEX Evangelists. Side note: Dimitri Gielis and John Scott blogged about there experience doing this training. Check out there blogs. Good job guys!

But back to the video, check out Carl’s posting APEX 4.0 Preview (aka Video Killed the Radio Star) to see him in “action”! 🙂

I would suggest to get the higher definition version, so that you can see the real beauty of the new feature. BTW, you have to get the VCL player as Carl has written, because the video is coded with the Theora coded which Windows Media Player and QuickTime can’t decode.

And now just a few screen captures as teaser… Continue reading received an award from the Prince of Wales!

Just read on Rob Smyth’s Blog that Oracle’s platform won the Merrill Lynch “Investing in Young People” award!

But what does this have to do with Oracle APEX?

A lot!! Because is developed with Oracle APEX!!! And according to Rob it serves 7,393 schools and 643,003 pupils!

So congratulation to the team which developed and runs, because it’s a good example that Oracle APEX can not just be used for small department level applications!

New Oracle APEX 3.0 online on!

My guessing that the longer maintenance window is used to install the new Oracle APEX 3.0 on was not so wrong 🙂

When you logon now, you will see that they have installed on the regular trial environment and I’m sure the download will follow in the next days.

Congratulation to the APEX development team for the great job!!!

Oracle APEX 3.0 released in the coming week?

Is the coming week the release date for the upcoming Oracle APEX 3.0?

If you go to you will see the following message

Quite a long “maintenance” window, isn’t it? If you combine that with the recent developer comments in the APEX 3.0 feedback application, someone could guess that they are applying the new release to during that maintenance window…

But hey, it’s just a guess 🙂 What do you think, will we see it next week?