Oracle APEX 3.1.2 is out!

The Oracle APEX team has released a new patchset for Oracle Application Express (APEX). According to the readme file the new version 3.1.2 contains 28 new bug fixes (Note: the list also contains the bugs from the previous patchset).

The full release can be downloaded from the OTN download side.
The patchset with just the changed files can be found on Metalink with the patch number 7313609.

What’s next on the Oracle APEX roadmap? Oracle APEX 3.2!

Just read on David Peake’s blog that he has updated the Statement of Direction for Oracle Application Express (APEX).

What has changed?

They are planing to release Oracle APEX 3.2, which will be Oracle APEX 3.1 + The Oracle Forms Migration Tool. If you are a Forms guru, they are looking for beta testers! Get the details at David’s blog.

I think the Forms Migration Tool will be another major step for Oracle APEX to get the Forms developers into the APEX boat. These two tools have a lot of similarities (declarative, PL/SQL, …) and the same kind of productivity to develop database driven applications. Forms developers can re-use their existing skills and companies protect there investment by using the same business logic (if written in database packages) as for there Forms applications. Compared to learning or migrating an application into a new language (eg. Java/.Net) this can be a huge time safer.

The future of Oracle APEX – aka Oracle APEX 4.0

In case you haven’t read it on Marc Sewtz blog or in the newest edition of the German Oracle APEX community newsletter, on Friday July 25th at 14:00 (German time) there will be a WebCast about the features the Oracle APEX team is currently working on for Oracle APEX 4.0! The WebCast will also cover some tips & tricks for APEX 3.1.1.

Get the details about how to join the WebCast at the German Oracle APEX Community web site.

Note: This WebCast will be in German.

Oracle APEX Award – Your chance!!!

Oracle Germany has announced an Oracle Application Express (APEX) Award with a grand prize of

€ 5.000 (about USD 7.750)

for the winner! The terms and deadlines can be found at (in German), a translation can be found at the following OTN thread. The contest is open for all nationalities, but the created application has to be delivered in German.

A few months ago I made a minor mistake, I agreed to be in the jury so I can’t take part myself. But you should take your chance!!! Not only can you win a lot of money, the winner is also announced on several German web sites and in the media. In case you always wanted to get famous or wanted to increase the publicity of your company, that’s your chance!

New Features in Oracle APEX 3.1 – update of Evaluation Instance

The beta testers have been informed that the Evaluation Instance of Oracle APEX 3.1 has been refreshed last Friday. Looks like that I was lucky with my The undocumented new features in Oracle APEX 3.1 posting, because without knowing it I was already working on the new version.

But there is more new stuff, which I didn’t discover. Read the announcement mail from the APEX team.
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Undocumented new features in Oracle APEX 3.1

The Oracle Application Express (APEX) 3.1 Beta contains a lot more new features than just the Interactive Report Region. Some of the additional features like enhanced wizards, new themes, runtime installation, attachments for mails, … are mentioned in the Evaluation Feedback Application.

But actually there are a lot new properties in the existing features which are “undocumented”….

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