My top 10 enhancement request for the next major Oracle APEX release

Haven’t blogged about an Oracle APEX topic for a long time, so I thought it’s time again!

As I have heard the Oracle APEX development team is going to discussing the roadmap of the next major Oracle APEX release, so I’m taking the opportunity to summarize my top 10 enhancement request wishes.

And no, this should not influence them in any way in there decisions… 😉

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New MS Access to Oracle APEX migration tutorial

Just read on Donal Daly’s blog that the Oracle Migration Workbench team has released a step by step migration tutorial about “How to migrate MS Access to Oracle APEX“.

They migrated the MS Access Northwind Traders example application and published it as a running example on The new name of the APEX application is now Southwind Wholesalers.

Check out Donal Daly’s posting for more information.