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Oracle APEX helped to win the America’s Cup!

I’m sure we can argue how big it’s share was but I still find it interesting at which places Oracle Application Express is used. Charlie Berger mentioned on this Oracle Data Mining blog, that the BMW Oracle Racing team was heavily using Oracle Data Mining to analyze all the sensor data and that they used Oracle APEX to present the result in real time. Cool! I think that’s another great example how well different Oracle technologies can be combined and used with an APEX front end!

Get the full story at Oracle Data Mining Races with America’s Cup. Visit the BMW Oracle Racing Team web site for pictures, videos and more information about the race.

Oracle APEX team needs your help!

It’s your chance to help the Oracle APEX team to spreading the word about Oracle APEX. They want to convince the Oracle eBusiness Suite/Oracle Applications team to formally legitimize the use of Oracle Application Express with the Oracle eBusiness Suite/Applications. I think that would be another huge step to get Oracle APEX into more companies if it can be officially used to write custom applications in that environment.

But they need your help! Check out David Peake’s blog posting for more details.

More Translations for Oracle Application Express?

Joel Kallman, the Software Development Senior Manager for Oracle APEX has raised the question: Should Oracle Application Express be translated into other languages?

Oracle Application Express (APEX) currently comes with built-in support for 10 languages. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t use it with other languages, too. You always have the possibility to translate the system generated messages into the language you want to use for your application. I think with the last release (3.0) all of this text strings are now translatable.

If everybody is happy, why the question?

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Reply to AMIS Query on APEX and ADF posting

I followed the postings around the AMIS Query on APEX and ADF which was held last Monday. Dimitri Gielis and Lucas Jellema have demonstrated the pros and cons for each development tool. Dimitri already blogged about his impressions some days ago and it was now Lucas time to write down some of this thoughts.

Some of his statements triggered me to write a reply 🙂 I like that about the blog world that you can easily reply to an article. I started writing and writing and noticed that it probably got to long for a comment, especially because I know that the AMIS blog software doesn’t support any formating (Guys you should really fix that!) so I decided to write a reply posting.

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Do we need a certification program for Oracle APEX?

Honestly I sometimes have mixed feelings about all this certification programs. You hear stories about the PL/SQL exam which asks questions about triggers, triggers and triggers. I’m not quite so sure if you really do that all the time as a PL/SQL developer. Or you hear stories about DBAs who have a certificate and get hired as senior DBAs but don’t know much about the database…

But I recognize that certifications are some kind of important in the HR/job hiring world to do some pre-filtering. As it looks like more in the USA then over here in Europe, but I notice it’s getting more common here too. But as a manager, who is also doing job interviews for our Oracle job offerings, it isn’t “the” criteria for me to hire someone. Real experience is what counts and most time you know that after a few questions.

So what’s this posting all about?

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You are running a big Oracle APEX application?

Then you should have a look at David Peake’s blog. He is the product manager for Oracle Application Express (APEX) and currently looking for big Oracle APEX applications or as he says it in his blog posting: The Bigger the Better!

We know that Oracle APEX scales well and can handle lot of concurrent users without requiring a lot of hardware. AskTom,, Oracle Metalink or the Oracle internal ARIA are good examples. But the more “real world” example they/we can reference if someone doubts the scalability or if it can be used for “missing critical” applications, the better!

Check also out his posting about the access statistics and hardware used for

Für Kurzentschlossene: Oracle APEX "Roundtable" mit Mike Hichwa

In German, because it’s a local event.

Für alle Kurzentschlossenen, Oracle veranstaltet am 20.09.2007 in Hamburg einen

Oracle APEX “Rountable” Talk mit dem Gründer und “Godfather” Mike Hichwa

Aus der Mail von Oracle:

Die Idee ist, über Kundenprojekte und deren Wünsche und Ideen konkret zu diskutieren.Wünschenswert wäre es, wenn Sie eines Ihrer APEX Projekte kurz vorstellen könnten und evtl. erläutern, an welchen Stellen Sie sich noch “Verbesserungen” wünschen. Dazu bräuchten wir vorab allerdings einen kurzen “Abstract”, vielleicht 2-3 Screenshots und eine kurze Beschreibung der Anwendung; bitte senden Sie diese an edith.wild (at) oracle dot com

Natürlich sind Sie auch “ohne konkretes Projekt” willkommen und herzlich eingeladen mit zu diskutieren.

Weitere Details und das Anmeldeformular.