Integrate Speech Recognition into Oracle APEX

Tyler Muth has posted a really cool example on how to integrate Oracle APEX with another service.

Jott is a speech recognition service and allows to integrate third party applications into there service. Tyler used this mechanism to write the output text of the speech recognition into the table of an Oracle APEX application. Read all the details on his Speech to text to Oracle APEX posting.

Great work Tyler!

Too bad that the service is not available in Europe 🙁

Integrating a Slider Control into Oracle APEX

Oracle Application Express (APEX) doesn’t come with a built-in Slider Control widget, but it’s quite easy to integrate one of the existing Javascript libraries like the Tigra Slider Control. See there example page 1 and page 2 for how the sliders can look like. But you can also use your own images for the slider.

What are the steps to integrate it?

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Integrating Oracle APEX with PayPal Payments Pro

The Oracle APEX team has just published a white paper about Integrating Oracle Application Express with PayPal Payments Pro. They have also created a packaged application which you can use to immediately start of.

Good job Jason! There have been several postings on the OTN forum where people have been looking for such an how-to to integrate PayPal into there application.

Adding a CAPTCHA to your Oracle APEX application

Haven’t had the requirement to add one in my applications until now, but after reading Dan’s posting about integrating reCAPTCHA with Oracle SSO, I thought that shouldn’t be to hard to integrate into an Oracle Application Express (APEX) application too! A nice challenge for the evening 😉

Update on 08-Nov-2011: This is now also available as an easy to use item type plug-in for Oracle APEX 4.0. Have a look at the Google reCaptcha plug-in at

I know that there are some similar solutions out there on the OTN forum and on the unOfficial Wiki page, but the SVG solution isn’t very secure in my opinion and the other solution uses an unsupported non-public package of Oracle APEX. So how can we integrate the reCAPTCHA widget instead?

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Denes has released an unwrapped version of his Flash Charting solution

sexy_chartingSome time ago I blogged about replacing the SVG APEX charting with a Flash charting solution which is more “sexy” than the SVG charts.

The drawback of the solution was that the package which you had to use was wrapped. But the good news is that Denes Kubicek has just released an

Unwrapped version of the package.

So get it and try it out. Details and questions can be asked in the related OTN forum thread.

Denes, keep up the good work! We need more out-of-the-box APEX open source solutions!

Using Google Account for APEX authentication

Google AccountRead a very interesting posting on Przemek Piotrowski blog about using the Google Account credentials for an APEX application login.

The method described uses the Google Account Client Login API for verifying the user.

More details at Application Express user authentication using Google Account.

I think that’s a good example of the flexibility of APEX to adapt to the different needs of an application.