Presenting at the DOAG conference 2007

Just got a confirmation mail from DOAG (German Oracle User Group) that they approved my Oracle APEX presentation “Ein Blick unter die Motorhaube von Oracle APEX” (Oracle APEX under the hood) for there next annual conference in November in Nürnberg. My presentation slot is on Thursday between 15:00 and 15:45. In the conference schedule I have seen that Dietmar Aust’s presentation has also been confirmed. Will be nice to hang out with him again!

But before that, a lot of work has to be done. Until 17th September they want to have a 4-page summary of my presentation which will be included into the conference printouts and until 7th November the complete presentation material…

Maybe this time I should start earlier, so that I don’t have to work the nights before the deadline… 🙂

Back in Town

I’m back home and finally found the time to do a short “Hallo” posting.

After a week without a computer, ok Dimitri shared his sometimes so that I could have a quick look at my e-mails, I must say I didn’t miss it to much. Looks like that I’m not that much addicted from my computer as some thought 😉

I even was not sure if I ever come back to Vienna, because my flight from Daytona Beach to Atlanta was really overbooked (about 5 seats) and until the last minute it was not clear if there are enough volunteers who trade there seat. Continue reading

Heading to ODTUG

It’s now also time to leave and go to the airport. My plain is leaving around 12:00. Fortunately I don’t have to wait that long in Atlanta for my connection flight as Dimitri had to do. “Just” 3 1/2 hours…

I will probably not blog that much, because I don’t have a notebook with me. Unless Dimitri shares his with me 🙂 But I’m sure on his blog you will find some impressions of the ODTUG conference.

See you there!

My first public Oracle APEX presentation

Today I had my first public presentation about an Oracle APEX topic. I was doing a presentation about “The Power of the Oracle APEX Repository” at the SIG (Special Interest Group) workshop of DOAG in Kassel, Germany.

The motto of the workshop was “Oracle APEX for Advanced” and because of the overwhelming interest by presenters and participants, DOAG organized a XXL workshop with 8 presentations! So it was a full day packed with lot of interesting stuff.

And it looks like that people are really interested in some more advanced Oracle APEX topics, because 95 people attended the very well organized meeting!

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You haven’t been at Collab07 in Las Vegas?

Then you may want to check out Dimitri’s, John’s and Mark’s postings about there impressions of this conference.

Thanks guys, was really interesting to read!

DOAG is hosting a SIG meeting about "APEX for advanced"

The German Oracle Usergroup (DOAG) is hosting a SIG meeting with the topic “APEX for advanced”. It will be held on the 31. May in Kassel. See the agenda for more details.

*drum roll*
I will do my first APEX presentation here!
*drum roll*

The title of the presentation will be

“The power of the APEX Repository”


There are a lot of other interesting presentations, maybe I see you there!

Some side note to a person I know: Hopefully I don’t wait as long as you did to put the presentation together 🙂