New entry page for my Oracle APEX activities

Some time ago I have registered the domain and I finally found a few spare minutes to create an entry page for all my Oracle Application Express (APEX) activities.

I want to move all my APEX related open source projects to this domain. The Oracle APEX Builder Plugin is already hosted there and for my new project, Oracle APEX Essentials I have created a new web page today. The ApexLib Framework should also follow as time permits. I’m having a busy schedule lately.

BTW, I’m still looking for more beta testers for Oracle APEX Essentials. Get the details here.

I’m back!

As you may have already noticed, I’m back from my journey to Vietnam and Cambodia. Was a great vacation, liked it alot!

I’m already back since two weeks, but had not much time for blogging or other things. After coming back I almost immediately had to fly to Luxembourg for a project startup meeting of a new Oracle APEX project my company is doing and the nights where used to prepare material for the Advanced Oracle APEX training I did with Dietmar Aust and Denes Kubicek a week later. It paid off to put that effort into it, because we got great feedback from the attendees. More on Dietmar’s blog.

So I hope to find now some time to work on some task which have queued up over the last few weeks. Like a new release of the APEX Builder Plugin (the training attendees liked this tool alot when I showed it to them), a new ApexLib release (it’s really getting time) and I finally should make the switchover from Blogger to my own hosted WordPress installation. Not to forget to write some new blog postings, … So there is a lot to do in the upcoming weeks. 🙂

No update for the next 3 weeks

Just to let you know: There will be no update for the next 3 weeks, because I’m on vacation far far away 🙂

So I will probably miss the release of Oracle APEX 3.1, but if you want to be informed as soon as it is available, I would suggest to subscribe to the Oracle APEX 3.1 Beta program, because David Peake (product manager of APEX) has promised to inform all participants as soon as it is available.



Be warned, that’s something non Oracle APEX related. 🙂

Some weeks ago I read a posting about a project called PostSecret: A Lifetime of Secrets on the Blogspot – Blogger Buzz blog.

Since then I have subscribed to it in my RSS reader. I catch myself looking forward to Sunday, because that’s the day when they release a new posting. Some of the postings make you really think.

Have a look by yourself!

Probably everybody has a little bit of a voyeur of someone else secrets… 🙂

Oracle APEX Developer of the Year… It’s official!

Yesterday the new issue of Oracle Magazine has been published which contains the Oracle Magazine Editors Choice awards for 2007. It’s official now, I’ve been named Oracle Application Express Developer of the year 2007! 🙂

I was really honored to have been nominated for this award and it was quite hard to keep quiet for the past months, because I was already told during the ODTUG Kaleidoscope conference in June. So it had the same “problem” as John Scott, the last years winner. But I managed to keep quit 🙂

It was a really interesting experience! I had to give an interview and they sent Ton Hendriks, a professional photograph from the Netherlands to take some pictures. Like John wrote, it was a little bit surreal. We took some pictures at my workplace and then we went to the Naturhistorisches Museum of Vienna to take some outdoor pictures. So I was posing in this public spot, sweating because it was a really sunny day and a photographer was lying on the ground and taking pictures of me. So you can imaging how the tourists looked when they walked by. 🙂 Too bad that there is no PDF version available of the Oracle Magazine, because the HTML version doesn’t show the picture. I have seen the picture and I think Ton did a really good job!

Thanks again to the Oracle APEX development team for nominating me. I really appreciate that! A big thank you goes also to Sphinx IT Consulting for supporting me in my open source and community efforts.

You don’t know what Oracle Application Express (APEX) is? Check out!

Update as of 23-Nov-2003: Added the picture from the Oracle Magazine.

Ever heard of RSS?

I’m sure you have already heard about RSS. But are you actually using it?

I have talked to different people who are regularly reading blogs, but which are not using a RSS reader like Google Reader, the built-in readers of Firefox and Internet Explorer or some other web-based or stand alone readers.

Such a reader can make your life so much easier, because instead of regularly visiting all the blogs manually (and most blogs don’t have any new postings anyway) – so you are pulling the information – RSS will pushes new articles to your RSS reader. You don’t miss any new article and get instantly informed if there is something new.

That’s a real time safer!

Recently I came across a nice video explaining what’s behind RSS and a RSS reader. The video is available in English and German.

So don’t waste time anymore and sign up for a free RSS reader, for example Google Reader and subscribe to my blog or if you don’t want to use a RSS reader just enter your e-mail address to be informed when something new is going on! 🙂