Carl Backstrom died

I’m still in shock. Can’t believe what I read in an email this morning. It informed me about the death of Carl Backstrom – the Mr. Javascript/CSS of Oracle APEX. But I have to accept the reality.

I’m sure a lot of you knew him from the OTN forum where he did a great job to answer questions about Javascript and CSS.

I had the pleasure to meet and hang out with him several times. We always had a great time and that’s how I will remember him!

Carl where ever you are now, we will miss you!

8 thoughts on “Carl Backstrom died

  1. Never met Carl, but I greatly admired his work on APEX, he helped me out a lot as i learned APEX with his demos and clear way of explaining things.

  2. I just learned about Carl’s death and, like many others, am greatly saddened.

    I’ve never met Carl but have had email dicussion with him in which he tutored me from his treasure house of ApEx, Oracle, and Javascript expertise. Looking at all of the many emails he’s had with others in the ApEx Forum, seems like mentoring was in his blood.

    I also saw pictures on the web of his beautiful daughter.

    My prayers are with her and all his family. Carl will be painfully missed by so many.

    Elie Grunhaus

  3. Hi, I haven’t done anything with Apex in over a year, concentrating solely on DBA work. I visited my old links to pass to a colleague who is starting an Apex project and I’m shocked to read this now. I too had quite a few email rounds with Carl and always thanked him for his help.

    He never asked for any help from me, but gave his all whenever the opportunity arose, and for that, I remain thankful.

  4. May god be with his family,
    It’s really a big loss for all apex developers.

    Carl Backstrom’s follower, Saad Nayef.

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