Building Interactive Reports in Oracle APEX 3.1

In the newest issue of Oracle Magazine, David Peake has written an article about Building Interactive Reports. “The” new feature of the upcoming Oracle APEX 3.1.

If you haven’t looked at the beta yourself, this article is a good chance to get some more details about this exciting new feature of Oracle APEX.

BTW David, reading the article someone could have the impression that it was planned to have a released Oracle APEX 3.1 when the article is published. I just say: “Deadlines” in the software industry… 😉

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2 thoughts on “Building Interactive Reports in Oracle APEX 3.1

  1. Patrick,

    All I can say is that we write the articles well in advance of their publication and had to make a call last year on whether to go with this article. At the time we planned to beat the publication date. The article has also been released earlier than I expected.

    In order to ensure Oracle Application Express 3.1 is of the same high quality our community expects we have delayed the release. Be rest assured the new version is coming soon.

    Everyone who has participated in the Early Adopters 3.1 will be notified as soon as it is available on OTN.


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