Blogger finally listened to my prayers!!!

Just noticed that Blogger/Blogspot has finally added a comment follow-up notification!

Man I was waiting for that feature! It’s really hard to keep track of all my comments on the other Blogspot blogs. This new feature will make it a breeze!

Maybe they will finally also add a “Teaser” feature to the blogging software, so that I don’t have to use the silly workaround anymore I’m currently using…

3 thoughts on “Blogger finally listened to my prayers!!!

  1. That’s cool. I wish it would email me when someone comments on the posts of my blog. If I don’t notice for a couple of days, people might think I’m ignoring them.

  2. Matt, it’s actually able to do that. Go to “Settings\Comments” in your blog dashboard and set “Comment Notification Address”. That should do the trick.


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