Become an Oracle APEX Certified Expert for only $50!!!

How is that possible to get a certification for only $50? Because Oracle University has started beta testing the new certification for Application Express and is looking for developers who are interested in becoming one of the first certified developers. But only for a limited time!

So hurry up, get the details on the Oracle Certification Blog which features a video interview with Marcy Young of Oracle Server Technologies and
sign up for exam# 1Z1-450 at to become one of the first certified APEX developers!

17 thoughts on “Become an Oracle APEX Certified Expert for only $50!!!

  1. You mean the real reason it’s only $50 is that it is a meaningless certification? The Oracle database certs are useless enough in the US anyway because anyone who crams for them can pass them.

    Would an employer hire an employee simply because they are “AEPX Certified”? Don’t bet on it – maybe in other countries but not in the US.

  2. Isn’t this odd? I already took the Beta exam in february, but Oracle is promoting this as something entirely new.

    Still waiting for my results though.

  3. I would really like to get started with this – however they do not seem to have this exam available in any Danish testcenters.

    Can the test be taken via the internet or how can I join ?


  4. I wrote the exam early March. Didn’t think it was too difficult although the ambiguity of some answers was frustrating.

    @buzz I was hoping it would involve creating and eventually exporting an exam “answer” application but alas purely text based… so can totally see how people can cram for this sort of test and dupe employers into thinking they’re the bee’s knees.

    @michel We only get the marks 11 weeks AFTER the beta period completes. So still ages to wait.

  5. Hi Michel,

    to my knowledge took part of the first round (more internal) beta test. This one is targeting a bigger audience.


  6. Hi Martin,

    I’m pretty sure you can. Best is to get in contact with the people of Pearsonvue or the Oracle Certification blog. I’m sure they can help you.


  7. Mir stellt sich die Frage, wie der Test technisch umgesetzt ist. Ich habe nur Erfahrung im Bereich MS und Novel Zertifizierung und da waren es immer Multiple-Choice-Tests.

    Hat jemand eine Idee, wie es bei diesem Oracle-Test läuft? Schwer vorstellbar, so ein MC-Test, wenn ich z.B. zeigen soll, wie ein Theme geändert, oder eine LOV angelegt wird. 😉

  8. The problem with a beta version is that you will have to wait several months to get an official result from Oracle. So I recommend to wait for the final version of the APEX exam so that you get your result immediately. Patrick, do you know when the final version will be available ?
    Regards, Grüße, salutations

  9. I’ve just taken this exam in Warsaw, so if you want to take it and you live outside US, I’m pretty sure it’s available in your area.

  10. I’m set to take the exam on 5/12. Do I think I need Oracle to tell me whether I am good at Apex? Nah! Do I think it helps? That depends on who you’re asking for employment.

  11. Bertrand,

    The final version will cost four times as much as the beta.
    Save your money and sit the beta if you’re going to do the exam anyway.

  12. I took the test in March in Vienna, although i don’t think certifications prove anything. I was just too curious, thinking they made a pretty good product with APEX, maybe the test is similar good.

    Well, that didn’t turn out to be the case.

    Anyways, almost forgot about it until today the scores came in.

    I still think nobody really needs to get this certificate, its absolutely meaningless and i wouldn’t hire anyone just because he is certificated.

  13. Off late the certifications have purely becomes a means of earning more revenues to corporations such as Oracle. Stories (my personal experience as well) are plenty where such certified pepole fail to answer some basic practical questions in the interviews. Time has come to question the very point of such certification programs.

  14. Apex is something new in the developer area of Oracle.
    I think, that’s a wonderful tool.
    But mostly unknown.

    Some say, that Apex is the successor of Forms and Reports.

    I am OCP DBA and Developer.
    I worked for years with Forms and Reports and now with Apex.

    Handling Apex is in many ways different to the Developer (Forms and Reports).

    I don’t know, if it makes sense to do this certification at the moment?

    Perhaps we have to wait one or two years.

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