Back in Town

I’m back home and finally found the time to do a short “Hallo” posting.

After a week without a computer, ok Dimitri shared his sometimes so that I could have a quick look at my e-mails, I must say I didn’t miss it to much. Looks like that I’m not that much addicted from my computer as some thought 😉

I even was not sure if I ever come back to Vienna, because my flight from Daytona Beach to Atlanta was really overbooked (about 5 seats) and until the last minute it was not clear if there are enough volunteers who trade there seat. But finally I got one. The flight back from Atlanta to Vienna was unspectacular and after about 9:20 hours with a little bit sleep I was back in town!

But no rest for me, because I was picked up by some friends of my hometown Grünau im Almtal, who come to Vienna to go to the Donauinselfest, one of the biggest festivals in Europe with about 2,6 million people in 3 days! So I just had a quick shower and I was on the track again. 🙂 That was probably not to bad, because that way I was active all the time and didn’t think about the Jet-Lag. So we partied until 2 am, until they got tired 🙂

ODTUG was really nice and interesting. Beside APEX I attended some presentations for SOA/BPEL, Oracle ADF and PL/SQL (Unit Testing). But meeting a lot of people you just know from the forum or via e-mail was really nice. Putting some faces to some names, like Dimitri, Joel, Mike, David, Scott, Raj, Flavio, Wilfred, Karen, …

David Peake, me, Joel Kallman (BTW, David. Didn’t notice that you are that tall!)
I spent most of the time with Dimitri, it was the first time that we personally met, so we hung out at the beach the hole Sunday.

DimitriI really enjoyed the stay in Daytona Beach. The only drawback was that I didn’t had the opportunity to do a presentation there. For example the “The Power of the Oracle APEX Repository“. But I’m sure, next year I will not miss the deadline.

On Dimitri’s and Wilfred’s blog you will find a more detailed summary of the ODTUG conference, also with some more pictures.

Hope to see you guys there next year too!