Are you already using the Caching feature of Oracle APEX 3.0?

In case if you don’t read the Oracle APEX OTN forum all the time. Recently there was an interesting thread about the new Page/Region Caching feature of Oracle APEX 3.0

The thread contains some insides from the APEX developers how to use this new feature. The provided information will help you to have a smooth start.

Check it out V3 Caching – any more info? for more details.

2 thoughts on “Are you already using the Caching feature of Oracle APEX 3.0?

  1. Patrick,

    We have built a reporting application using APEX and the basedata in the database gets refreshed once a week. Most of the reports fetch data from partitioned tables with few million records. We use the interactive reports to display the data and every time the report is executedto it takes about few minutes. Most of the time the same report is being executed and each time it not only takes time, but also puts load on the database. We would like to enable the cache, so that it fetches the data from the previous resultset and does not hit the database, till the data remains unchanged. Please provide me the solution. How to enable web cachae in db level or Apache level.

    The page cache in apex helps only caching the static images and does not solve the problem. We use only the Apache server and Oracle 10g database and do not use the Oracle Apps server.

    Thanks in advance,

  2. Hi Patrick,
    I just googled to read a bit on the page and region caching of APEX. I saw your question but I don’t see much going on here. Lets spark it up again!
    I am wanting to read more on page and region caching and the proper way to set the attributes, etc.
    Any good resources for this area?

    What is new coming out in APEX 4.0 regarding page and region caching?
    Thank you, Bill

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