ApexLib: Some bugs fixed

Just have uploaded release v0.13 of the ApexLib Framework.

It contains the following bugfixes:

  • Bug# 1620834: ApexLib_Error: Attach a space after APEXLIB_TABFORM_ROW_PREFIX
  • Bug# 1619435: ApexLib_Error: field information should not be visible on error page
  • Bug# 1620953: ApexLib_TabForm: Error message for invalid format has wrong placeholders
  • Bug# 1620456: Views: Support Application Format Mask PICK_DATE_FORMAT_MASK

Files added/changed:

  • ApexLib_Error.pkb
  • ApexLib_TabForm.pkb
  • ApexLib_views_for_userschema.sql
  • ApexLib_views_for_flows_schema.sql