ApexLib release 1.6 available

Maybe you have already seen that I have released version 1.6 of the ApexLib Framework.

My original plan was to make the “Cascading lov” area feature complete in this release, but I was a little bit lazy on the weekend and was looking at some content management systems for the ApexLib Homepage, instead of doing some programming.

But the good news is that this release contains at least some enhancements for the “Cascading lov” area. For example it’s now possible to have a popup lov or a multi-select list as master. Checkboxes, Radiogroups, Shuttle, … will follow in the next release.

Other new features are

  • Tabular Form Validation now supports queries which are returned by a function.
  • The Date Picker check has been enhanced to support the new “use item format mask” feature of APEX 3.0
  • The immediate “Is Required” warning when leaving a field can be disabled.

For a full list of changes see the change log below.

I have also updated the Feature Demonstration site, to demonstrate the new Cascading Lov features.

Get the new release now!

Check the change log file for update instructions.

Change Log:

  • CR# 1683676: Tabular form validations based on dynamic SQL
  • CR# 1685427: Support “multi select list” as master for a cascading lov
  • CR# 1690927: Don’t show required warning when leaving empty field
  • CR# 1691701: Popup Lov should also work as master for cascading lov
  • CR# 1692584: Support for APEX 3.0 “Date Picker using item format mask”
  • Bug# 1690057: Don’t do any checks if a Tab is clicked
  • Bug# 1684235: addApexValidationErrors doesn’t work for Page Level Val.
  • Bug# 1686233: Edit Links not displayed in APEX 3.0