ApexLib release 1.5 available

Enhancements to the APEX repository views in Oracle APEX 3.0 made it possible to remove some existing restrictions of the ApexLib framework.

  • The Page Flow Diagram Generator works now in the Application Schema, too. So you don’t have to grant the APEX tables anymore if you want to use this feature.
  • A Report Column Heading which is not “Custom”, will now also be supported.
  • This release also contains a fix for a not so well performing view in combination with APEX 3.0.
  • If you use the V function drop-in, please check the Change Log for upgrade instructions!

I have also created a new “Feature Restriction” section in the HowToInstall document, which describes the different restrictions based on the used APEX version and the installation option. The new “Upgrade an existing version of ApexLib” section describes the necessary steps if you have an existing version.

Note: The above changes do not mean that the ApexLib Framework doesn’t work with pre-APEX 3.0 versions anymore. The current supported versions are 2.0, 2.1, 2.2 and 3.0.

Get the new release now!

Change Log:

  • CR# 1683243: Page Flow Diagram Generator should work with repository views
  • CR# 1683306: Support for other Report Column Headings then “Custom”
  • Bug# 1663904: Placeholders in user defined messages are not replaced
  • Bug# 1679309: Error in ApexLib_Item if $APEXLIB_IGNORE_VALIDATION$ is set
  • Bug# 1680244: View APEXLIB_V_PAGE_ITEM very slow with APEX 3.0
  • Bug# 1680250: Update the patched V and NV functions to APEX 3.0

4 thoughts on “ApexLib release 1.5 available

  1. Is the client-side validation supposed to be so “agressive”? It doesn’t wait until I try to submit the page–when I click a date picker, for example, error messages pop up for null fields. Maybe I’ve got it set up wrong… thanks!

  2. Hi,

    yes it’s supposed to be so “aggressive”.

    The idea behind that behavior was that if a user tabs through the form, that he immediately gets a notification that he missed a field.

    But I can make this configurable if there is a need for it. What about if a wrong date format is entered into a date picker, should the validation also be deferred until he tries to submit the page?


  3. Well, in that case one should see an error right away, but in my case, let’s say a date item is the first field, and there are other mandatory fields further down the form. The user clicks the calendar for the date picker, and before the calendar pops up the form is barking about a null field that might be 2-3 fields down. Can the $APEXLIB_IGNORE_VALIDATION$ be used for page items, and if so, where do I put that code? I forgot to mention I’m still on 1.4, if that makes a difference. Thanks!

  4. Hi,

    I don’t really see that the framework currently behaves as you describe it.

    Can you write me a mail so that we can sort that out. It’s an easier communication than the comment feature of the blog 🙂

    The e-mail can be found in the blog profile at the bottom of the page.


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