ApexLib release 1.4 available

Just uploaded a new release of the Oracle APEX development framework ApexLib onto Sourceforge.

As you can see from the change log, this release contains a lot of bug fixes, but it also includes a new feature. Declarative Min-/Max Value Validation in the Browser. More about that later.

There where also some requests to include the Feature Demonstration application into the distribution. Here you go! You will find it in the “Examples” directory.

Download the new release!

List of changes:

  • CR# 1673663: Min/Max value check
  • CR# 1670687: Use new jQuery 1.1.2 version
  • CR# 1674427: Include Feature Demonstration application
  • Bug# 1663904: JavaScript error if cascading lov field isn’t rendered
  • Bug# 1666334: Cascading lov doesn’t work for items on page 0
  • Bug# 1667049: Browser validation fails for format FM999G999G990D00
  • Bug# 1666860: cascading lov not working when bind variables are used twice
  • Bug# 1667490: Cascading lov raises javascript error on IE
  • Bug# 1669345: Max Length feature for TabForms isn’t checked in IE
  • Bug# 1670168: Index NULL error if region name isn’t unique
  • Bug# 1670770: Userdefined onBlur/onChange events have a wrong “this”
  • Bug# 1671284: The server side validation checks required for hidden items
  • Bug# 1666408: Wrong tabular form column validated in some cases
  • Bug# 1671956: Code in body onload isn’t executed

4 thoughts on “ApexLib release 1.4 available

  1. I have an updatable report region that’s populated by a collection. The validation isn’t working for me–I have $APEXLIB_REQUIRED$ in the link attribute field of the columns I need to be not null, but the validation just doesn’t happen. I noticed after installing ApexLib 1.4 that when I look at the synonyms for the FLOWS_020200 stuff, they seem to be invalid–are there more grants that are necessary? thanks!!

  2. ah, that’s why it was so quiet in the last days 😉
    A new release of the most famous Apex extension framework.

    Well done, Patrick

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