ApexLib release 1.03 available

Did some bug fixing for the ApexLib Framework.

This release also solves the problem of navigable Date Picker/Lov icons when using Firefox. The framework now removes the “a href” of the icon from the DOM tree and assign the action of the link as onclick event to the icon. So no navigation problem with any browser anymore.

Does anybody use the framework with a pre-APEX 2.2 version and wants to have the non-navigable Date Picker/Lov icon feature? Because there is a pending bug for that which I only will implement if there is a demand for it.

The following other bugs have been fixed in this new release:

  • Bug# 1657465: Some date formats with a slash are handled incorrect
  • Bug# 1657820: Page Item which isn’t assigned to a region raises ORA-20555
  • Bug# 1657853: HowTo Integrate: Error Handling example is wrong
  • Bug# 1658232: Error if $APEXLIB_MAX_LENGTH=xx$ is not first hint
  • Bug# 1658232: setLRButtonIconsNonNavigable doesn’t work for all themes
  • Bug# 1655635: FF: Date Picker/Lov icon is navigable after click onto icon
  • Bug# 1630138: Error on error page sometimes visible for a blink
  • Bug# 1655630: jQuery doesn’t work with Safari

Upgrade instructions:

  • Follow the revised steps in the How To Integrate document.
  • Chapter 1 “Database installation”: Call the install scripts or manually install the the changed packages/views.
  • Chapter 3 “Integration into your Application”, point 3 (ApexLib – Before footer): ApexLib_Browser.setLRButtonIconsNonNavigable has new parameters
  • Chapter 3 “Integration into your Application”, point 4 (ApexLib – Handle Error Page): apexlib.error.DISPLAY_LOCATION referenced a wrong constant
  • Chapter 3 “Integration into your Application”, point 10 (Error Page Template Control section): replace with new HTML code

Files added/changed:

2 thoughts on “ApexLib release 1.03 available

  1. Hi Patrick,

    I upgraded DG Tournament to the latest version of ApexLib with success.

    In the comming days I’ll post where the new features are visible in the application.

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