ApexLib release 1.02 available

It’s already one week ago that I have released the last version, so I thought I bundle all the changes I have done so far and release a new version.

The focus for this release was:

  • Userinterface improvements (navigation, resizeable textarea)
  • Additional checks (upper-/lowercase/capitalized, max length for tabular forms)
  • Compressed JavaScript libraries to get a smaller size
  • Usage of the jQuery JavaScript framework for easier DOM tree manipulation.
  • Documentation of the installation/integration

I will blog about the new features and how to use them in the next few days. Stay tuned.

  • CR# 1629371: Add resizeable textarea
  • CR# 1645472: Add “Upper/Lower/Capitalize” property for page items/tab form columns
  • CR# 1634731: Make lov/date picker icon non keyboard navigable
  • CR# 1653552: Make L/R link of image button non keyboard navigable
  • CR# 1634729: Function key to open popup lov or date picker
  • CR# 1654314: Use Up/Down key for tabular form record navigation
  • CR# 1645467: Allow to set “Maximum Width” for tabular form columns
  • CR# 1628605: Add method to hide the select all row selector checkbox for tabular forms
  • CR# 1651834: Compress the JavaScript library
  • CR# 1653079: Use region name instead of fixed string “region source”
  • CR# 1654432: Improve HowTo Integrate
  • Bug# 1653389: Cascading lov should escape the result

Upgrade instructions:

  • Follow the revised steps in the How To Integrate document.
  • Chapter 2 “Application Server Installation”
  • Chapter 3 “Integration into your Application”, point 2 (including the JavaScript library) and point 3 (adding the ApexLib calls)