ApexLib release 1.01 available

Just have uploaded a new release.

This release includes some enhancements for the Page Flow Diagram Generator. It now scans the region source (SQL Statements, HTML source, PL/SQL code) for page links. So you should get much more page links now.
I have also fixed a bug when labels included HTML tags or double quotes which disturbed Graphviz.

This release also contains two bug fixes for browser validation, for details see the links below.

BTW, I have also tested the framework with the APEX 3.0 evaluation version, works without any modifications! 🙂

  • CR# 1649022: Add support for page links in region source
  • CR# 1648030: Add “How-To Integrate” into distribution
  • CR# 1648030: Write diagram data with UTL_FILE
  • Bug# 1645362: Date “31-11-2007” is converted to “01-12-2007”
  • Bug# 1648021: Browser validation – currency symbol with multiple digits
  • Bug# 1649016: German “umlaute” are not displayed in Page Flow Diagram
  • Bug# 1650128: Html tags disturb the Page Flow Diagram output

Files added/changed:

Upgrade instructions:

  • If you have installed ApexLib into it’s own schema you have to grant access to the UTL_File package with a privileged DBA user. This grant is required for the ApexLib_PageFlowDiagram package.
    GRANT EXECUTE ON SYS.UTL_File TO [apexlib-schema-name];

2 thoughts on “ApexLib release 1.01 available

  1. Hi Patrick,

    I’m testing your framework to implement this in our applications. I like the idea to extend apex with a framework very much. Compliments for this.
    One of the first functionalities I tried to implement is the cascading lovs. We are using these lovs a lot in our current applications. I found out that these are not working if there are special characters (for example &)in the resulset.

    I now solved this by adding a replace in the select statement in our lov:
    select replace(ename,’&’,’&amp.’) as D, empno as R from emp.
    I think it is better to catch these things in the packages.

    Kind regards,


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