ApexLib: New release v0.17

Just have uploaded release v0.17 of the ApexLib Framework. I will post about the new features a little bit later.

But you can already do a quick test drive of the new feature.

But for now, it contains the following enhancements/bugfixes:

  • CR# 1629399: Client side required check
  • CR# 1632976: Client Side number check
  • CR# 1623655: Client Side date validation for date picker
  • CR# 1623682: Remove error message when item/column cell has been changed
  • CR# 1629858: Refactor ApexLib.js and use namespaces
  • CR# 1629972: Create installation scripts
  • CR# 1632823: Provide a compressed version of ApexLib.js
  • Bug# 1630132: Inline Errors don’t work for Labels which are Above/Below
  • Bug# 1628225: Validation occurs to early
  • Bug# 1631232: APEX Error when installing into appl. schema

Changed behavior:

  • Most of the existing calls have changed, get the new code from “How to Integrate
  • APEXLIB_* (Shared Components/Text Messages) messages are now using the placeholder %label for labels. eg
    %label doesn't match to the format "%0" (eg %1).

Files added/changed:

2 thoughts on “ApexLib: New release v0.17

  1. Excellent work, as usual.

    I would just like to point out that “integreate” should be spelled “integrate”.

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