ApexLib: New release v0.15

Just have uploaded release v0.15 of the ApexLib Framework. I will post about the new features a little bit later.

But for now, it contains the following enhancements/bugfixes:

  • CR# 1623673: New package for page item handling
  • CR# 1624830: Use example format mask instead of the oracle format mask
  • Bug# 1623803: ApexLib_TabForm.V ignores parameter pRemoveLovNull
  • Bug# 1624321: Doesn’t check for condition and authorization in region
  • Bug# 1624818: Substitution variable in format mask isn’t supported
  • Bug# 1624862: Substitution variable in column heading isn’t supported

Changed behavior:

  • Get the code from “How to Integrate” for the following objects:
    • Application process “ApexLib-Before Computation/Validation”
    • Page 0 region “ApexLib – include Javascript library”
    • Page 0 region “ApexLib – Before footer”
    • Page 0 region “ApexLib – Handle Error Page”
    • Error Page Template
  • Placeholder for message APEXLIB_TABFORM_INVALID_FORMAT has an additional placeholder %2
    %0 doesn't match to the format "%1" (eg %2).

Files added/changed: