ApexGen: A new Oracle APEX related open source project!

Morten Braten just released this first Alpha Version of this new project called ApexGen – The Oracle APEX Generator. From the project description:

ApexGen is a utility to generate Oracle Application Express (Apex) pages and page components based on a PL/SQL API, in a fraction of the time it takes to manually create report and form pages.

I have downloaded the files and had a quick look at the documentation. Actually it’s a much nicer documentation than mine for the ApexLib Framework. Clean and very nice layout! To my rescue I can say that I already redid the layout for my Oracle APEX Builder Plugin project a few weeks ago, because I thought it needs better marketing. Just haven’t announced the new web-site yet. But back to the topic. 🙂

The tool and the scope of the project looks really interesting and can really speed up your development! As soon I have more time I have to take a more detail look at the source code and how I can use it. From my quick look at the documentation, I noticed that Morten is using the same $KEYWORD$ hint syntax than I’m using for the ApexLib Framework. Now I’m sure, it can only be a good piece of software 🙂

Great to see that there are also other people starting Oracle Application Express (APEX) related open source projects!

Check it out and give Morten some feedback! That’s what motivates an open source developer to continue developing!