APEX 5.0: Plug-in Enhancements – Overview

In the next few days I plan to write a series of blog postings about the Plug-In Enhancements which will be available in Oracle APEX 5.0* The plan is to cover the following areas:

  1. Create Plug-ins as Subscription from Master Application
  2. Directory Support for Static Plug-in Files
  3. Declarative Definition of CSS and JavaScript Files to Load
  4. Plug-In Attribute Enhancements
  5. New Plug-in Attribute Types
  6. Set Cursor Focus for Region Type Plug-Ins
  7. New API: apex_plugin_util.get_attribute_as_number
  8. New Region Columns Plug-Ins

The last one, ‘New Region Columns Plug-Ins’ is probably the most exciting one because it allows to create your own report like plug-ins. Stay tuned!

*Note: As of this writing, APEX 5.0 is only available as a pre-production version installed on apex.oracle.com and might change until it gets released.

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