APEX 5.0: Create Plug-ins as Subscription from Master Application

In APEX 4.x it was a little bit cumbersome to use new Plug-ins in an application when you followed the best practice to subscribe Plug-ins from a Master Application which contained all Plug-ins of your workspace. Having such a Master Application has the advantage that you just have to update a Plug-in once when a new version is released. After the import of the new version the ‘Push’ mechanism of subscriptions is used to update all applications using that Plug-in.

In Oracle APEX 5.0 you do now have the new option As a Copy of an Existing Plug-in when you create a new Plug-in. This works similar to other shared components which do support subscriptions. You pick the Master Application and you are presented with a list of Plug-ins which are contained in that application.

With the select list of the Copy? column you are able to specify if a Plug-in should just be copied or Copied and Subscribed. That’s the option you will want to use most of the time and it’s also the default in the wizard.

Create Plug-In as Copy of an Existing Plug-InBy calling the Create Plug-in wizard just once, you can copy as many Plug-ins into your application as you want to use. Especially if you have many of them, this wizard enhancement will be a huge time safer compared to APEX 4.x.

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