APEX 4.1 – Error Handling Improvements – Part 2

After yesterdays introduction into the new Error Handling Function Callback, I want to continue with another new feature in the error handling area – Error Display Location for Processes.

In previous versions of APEX, an error raised in a process was always displayed on the rather frightening “Error Page”. Showing the error inline, so that the user actually sees what he has entered is much more user friendly. That’s why Application and Page Processes of processing point

  • “On Submit – Before Computation and Validations” and
  • “On Submit – After Computations and Validations”

have a new attribute called “Error Message Display Location” which allows developers to select

  • “Inline in Notification” or
  • “On Error Page”

as error display location of a process.

This new setting which defaults to “Inline in Notification” for new processes can be used to specify where a process error message should be displayed. In previous versions of APEX, process error message have always been displayed on the error page.

“On Error Page” should be used if a page contains a manually created tabular form (using apex_item.xxx calls in the SQL statement), because a re-rendering of the page with an inline error would discard changes made by the user. For errors displayed on the “Error Page”, the user can use the browser back button to preserve the entered values.

The new attribute is not visible for processes firing during page rendering, because that would end in a recursion if we try to render the page again with the error displayed inline. The same regions, processes, … would fire again with the same error and we would be in the same troubles as before.

As always, any feedback welcome!

5 thoughts on “APEX 4.1 – Error Handling Improvements – Part 2

  1. Hi Patrick,

    Congrats on the new Error handling feature. I believe it’s really useful.

    As mentioned in the feedback of APEX 4.1, it would be nice to be able to display the error message as a popup. So next to “Inline in Notification” and “On Error Page” we would get “in Popup”. Surely we can do it now by adding some jQuery in the Template, but thought it might be a nice addition.


  2. Hi Partic,

    I feel glad to post comments on your blog 🙂 .

    Can we have an option to display the success message check box in the process message .

    If i checked it then my success message will be displayed else not.

    I observed this during testing of my application , while i test as an developer , i just wanna see in front end what are all my process are executing and what not , so i do dont wanna debug for each flow and each event of my process as during Unit testing i would want it to be tested almost like an end user .

    So, i felt it will be great if i can have the process success messgae are as optional check box.

    Other then this i felt there are few areas where the plsql process doesnot through any syntax errors and we just get the backend error when we try to execute it.

    Ex:- yesterday, i created a PLSQL process validation , i just forgot to put the loop and we more syntax , so i encountered this error when i activated the event which will execute the process.

    Then i had to go back to my validation and change the process.

    Nandini Thakur

  3. Hi Nandini,

    can you please enter your bugs/enhancements with the feedback link on tryapexnow.com. That will make it easier for us to keep track of all the feedback provided.


  4. Patrick

    Does APEX support other 3rd party DB ,such Teradata,DB2 or informix ?

  5. APEX can only be installed on an Oracle DB. But you can use database links to connect the Oracle DB to other databases like DB2, … See Oracle Heterogeneous Services


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