A new chapter in my life…

Some maybe have already noticed that a few weeks ago I opened a new chapter in my life. On February 23rd I joined the Oracle APEX development team!!!

It’s an exciting time and I have already started to work on the upcoming 4.0 release. It’s really cool to be able to implement some of my ideas I have into the core product and not have to create extra projects to enhance APEX as I did in the past with APEX Essentials, APEX Builder Plugin and ApexLib. What I have seen so far and what is planned, I think 4.0 will be a great release!

Trip to get to know each other

I’m currently in the States to visit some of the locations where the APEX team is located at. Marc Sewtz in New York, Joel Kallman and Jason Straub in Columbus, Ohio and Mike Hichwa and Christina Cho in Reston which is near Washington DC. After my journey I will work from the Oracle office in Vienna, Austria. It seems to be quite common at Oracle that you work with a team which is located at different places in the world. I still have to get used to that, that my teammates are not sitting next to me and you can’t just go to there place if you want to talk to them. Instead you use Instead Messenger, mail and the phone quite heavily. That’s why it’s great that I can meet most of the other developers face by face and not just have an anonymous IM username.

How is it to work in the Oracle office in Vienna?

net.café where you can meet with colleagues

net.café where you can meet with colleagues

The Oracle office in Vienna is really nice. It’s located next to the United Nations building and is perfectly connected to the subway of Vienna. I have attached some pictures of the office at the bottom of the posting.

The interior of the office is very bright and there are also many green plants all over the place. We have a so called “net.café” where you can always grab fresh fruits or vegetables for a quick bite – helps you to stay healthy. Or you can just relax a little bit, drink a cup of coffee with your colleagues or just read a magazine or newspaper. Another really great concept in the office are the “quiet rooms” – If you have a phone conference or you need a place where you do not get distracted by others, you can just go there. As I said, great idea.

And most important for me, I have also already hooked up my MacBook Pro into the company’s network and synced my iPhone with the internal calendar. That’s the working environment I want to have! 🙂

That’s it for now, I will keep you updated.

Oracle Office in Vienna

Oracle Office in Vienna

net.café where you can meet with colleagues

net.café where you can meet with colleagues

Stay healthy!

Stay healthy!

Workplaces - as you can see no cubicles - I think that makes it more open.

Workplaces - as you can see no cubicles - I think that makes it more open.

There are also come together areas in the office

There are also other come together areas in the office

Many green plants!

Many green plants!

My MacBook Pro - As you can see I try to stay healthy! :-)

My MacBook Pro and a banana. As you can see I try to stay healthy! 🙂

View from our office in the 8 floor - United Nations building and in the background downtown Vienna

View from our office in the 8 floor - United Nations building and in the background downtown Vienna

40 thoughts on “A new chapter in my life…

  1. Congratulations Patrick, all the best in your new position.

    I can’t honestly think of anyone else I’d rather see in that position, with your skills as an APEX developer and your character in general you will be a great asset to the overall APEX team, you will definitely add to an already superb product.

    So, next time I see you at an Oracle conference…you’ll have an Oracle corporate card to put the bar bill on huh? 😉


  2. Hi Patrick,

    this is really good news from an APEX developer point of view. Given the great open source contributions you made from outside (and knowing you’ll have lots of good ideas *g*), I’m looking forward to your enhancements as a member of the development team.

    The APEX community had a tragic loss in autumn. Nobody wants to (or should, in that context) compare people, but I’m glad that Oracle recruited you. Well done, Oracle and good luck, Patrick!


  3. Great news for you and the ApEx product. Your expertise will really advance the product. Congratulations!!!

  4. Congrads Patrick!! The future of APEX just keeps getting brighter and brighter every week!

    Tony Miller
    Webster, TX

  5. nothing to add to the above… I look forward to see many of your open source tools be in the product itself and I know you have really good ideas for the next releases!

    Well done.

    Congratulations Patrick,

  6. Congratulations Patrick,
    actually i realized you were “upgraded” 😉 when i got a linkedIn update where your new position was @Oracle…

    I like very much the Apex team and i am very optimistic about the future of Oracle Application Express with all these great guys “virtually” together.


  7. Congratulations Patrick,

    i think it’s a very good decision to open this new chapter in your life.
    All what i heard and saw of you concerning APEX is very knowledgeable and that will increase the high popularity of APEX more and more.

    Good luck and best regards,

  8. Patrick,
    Congratulation! I agree with everyone that you will be a great resource to Oracle APEX team.

    BTW, I always like images of your every post. Is this one a young Patrick embarking a new journey?


  9. Patrick,

    That’s great news for you, and great news for the rest of us, too!

    See you in Monterey!


  10. Patrick,

    That’s great news, I’m sure that with all your technical knowhow you can bring great improvements to the Apex environment.

    – glasnt.

  11. Nice. Looking forward to seeing ApexLib become a built-in part fo APEX !

    – Ben

  12. Congrats Patrick. Apex 4.0 can’t be in better hands 🙂

    Enjoy your new career.


  13. Hallo Patrick,

    congrats! Have fun at Oracle, I already had my share ;). Good for you and good for APEX. Now we can get on your nerves for making changes to the product :).


  14. Hi Patrick,

    these are great news for the whole community and especially for you. I hope you will have fun in your new job and bring APEX even more forward then it already is.
    By the way I have the same opinion as Dietmar: “Now we can get on your nerves for making changes to the product :). ” 😀



  15. Congrats Patrick! and congrats Oracle!
    That will set our expectations form APEX 4.0 even higher….


  16. Hi Patrick

    Congrats on your new job! I’m happy for you. How many developers are working on Apex now? Would be interesting with a little insight into the inner workings 🙂

  17. Patrick,

    I’m with Scott, I can’t think of a more-appropriate person to join the team (sorry to the other Apex gurus I know!).

    Just don’t forget the rest of us and let your free-ware software languish, ok? 😉

    All the best,


  18. Congrats Patrick !

    I think that this is very good news for the Apex team and community !

    Keep up the good work and good luck in your new job.


  19. Congratulations Patrick. I wish you all the best, and I’m sure you’ll bring lots of great new ideas to the Apex team.


  20. Way to go Patrick! That is great that Oracle picked up a person with such a passion for the APEX product and a following in the user community. Congratulations.

  21. Hi Patrick.

    Many congratulations on the new gig. I second all the positive comments already made and look forward to seeing the fruits of your influence on what is already a great product.


  22. Congratulations Pat!

    I am looking forward to Apex 4.0 with JQuery type integration. You might also want to look at Smart GWT showcase. I would love Oracle Apex to be fully Web 2.0 enabled.


  23. Congratulations Patrick !

    I’m sure you will be an excellent addition to the APEX development team !

    APEX for world domination !!! 😉


  24. Hi Patrick,

    This is good news!!! I look forward to your valuable contribution to the APEX product.

    See you in Monterey.

    Patrick Cimolini

  25. Many Congratulations Patrick !

    Wish you all the best for your new journey 🙂

    Muhammad Yousuf

  26. Good for you and us. So when was version 4.0 becoming available again. Uhh can we look forward to a release ahead of schedule with you on board. I like to be the first one to put the pressure on.

  27. Congratulations, Patrick! What an optimal position for you, and for all of us who will benefit even more from your contributions. And by the way, those plants are pink … Hope to see you at upcoming conferences. I’ll be looking to you and your team for that next ODTUG Technical Journal APEX article …

  28. Hello Patrick,

    congratulations and keep up the good work.

    I hope that your Apex Essentials will be integrated in Apex 4 as we regularly use it to test our applications with.

  29. Patrick, Congratulations on making a good choice and serving the APEX community well!!


  30. Patrick,
    A very belated congrats!!! You are an awesome resource for all of us that are smart enough to take advantage…it’s good that Oracle realized that!

    Is that picture of you as a kid with the sack on a stick genuine? That’s fabulous.

    Bill Holtzman

  31. Patrick,

    Belated congratulations! I am sure everyone will benefit with this (Oracle, Yourself and techies like me). Apex team is very agile so I don’t think they will kill your creativity with bureaucracy which is part of any large organization.


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