Oracle APEX team needs your help!

It’s your chance to help the Oracle APEX team to spreading the word about Oracle APEX. They want to convince the Oracle eBusiness Suite/Oracle Applications team to formally legitimize the use of Oracle Application Express with the Oracle eBusiness Suite/Applications. I think that would be another huge step to get Oracle APEX into more companies if it can be officially used to write custom applications in that environment.

But they need your help! Check out David Peake’s blog posting for more details.

The future of Oracle APEX – aka Oracle APEX 4.0

In case you haven’t read it on Marc Sewtz blog or in the newest edition of the German Oracle APEX community newsletter, on Friday July 25th at 14:00 (German time) there will be a WebCast about the features the Oracle APEX team is currently working on for Oracle APEX 4.0! The WebCast will also cover some tips & tricks for APEX 3.1.1.

Get the details about how to join the WebCast at the German Oracle APEX Community web site.

Note: This WebCast will be in German.

More Oracle APEX sessions at Oracle Open World 2008

Looks like that the proposed Oracle APEX sessions at Oracle Mix did quite well. Not only did Raj’s session about Security: Writing Custom Authentication Schemes for Application Express get most votes, congratulation Raj! But what I have counted, there are also 8 other Oracle APEX related sessions which made it into the top 35 sessions which are going to be invited to Oracle Open World 2008.

A great day for Oracle APEX at OOW 2008!