New entry page for my Oracle APEX activities

Some time ago I have registered the domain and I finally found a few spare minutes to create an entry page for all my Oracle Application Express (APEX) activities.

I want to move all my APEX related open source projects to this domain. The Oracle APEX Builder Plugin is already hosted there and for my new project, Oracle APEX Essentials I have created a new web page today. The ApexLib Framework should also follow as time permits. I’m having a busy schedule lately.

BTW, I’m still looking for more beta testers for Oracle APEX Essentials. Get the details here.

Caution with new “Runtime Where Clause” in Oracle APEX 3.1

Found out the hard way that the new property “Runtime Where Clause” for processes (eg. Fetch, DML) has a serious bug. The value of the property gets exported and is contained in the export file of an application, but it isn’t set when you import an application!!!

Because most of us are not developing on the production system, that bug is a real show stopper for that feature, because you never get the identical application onto the production system or to the customer.

The problem has been reported and according to Scott from the APEX team, it’s getting fixed in 3.1.1

Note: The “Optional Where Clause” of “Get Next or Previous Primary Key Value” processes is not effected by that behavior, this property was already available before Oracle APEX 3.1

Oracle APEX Award – Your chance!!!

Oracle Germany has announced an Oracle Application Express (APEX) Award with a grand prize of

€ 5.000 (about USD 7.750)

for the winner! The terms and deadlines can be found at (in German), a translation can be found at the following OTN thread. The contest is open for all nationalities, but the created application has to be delivered in German.

A few months ago I made a minor mistake, I agreed to be in the jury so I can’t take part myself. But you should take your chance!!! Not only can you win a lot of money, the winner is also announced on several German web sites and in the media. In case you always wanted to get famous or wanted to increase the publicity of your company, that’s your chance!

APEX Essentials – Looking for early adopters

drum roll…drum roll…drum roll…

APEX Essentials – A great new tool on the Oracle APEX horizon…

but to finish it I need your help!

What is it?

APEX Essentials is my current working title (might also be the final name) of a new open source project which includes essential Oracle APEX tools for your daily Oracle APEX application development.

The first tool of this collection is

The Oracle APEX Advisor

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Integrate Speech Recognition into Oracle APEX

Tyler Muth has posted a really cool example on how to integrate Oracle APEX with another service.

Jott is a speech recognition service and allows to integrate third party applications into there service. Tyler used this mechanism to write the output text of the speech recognition into the table of an Oracle APEX application. Read all the details on his Speech to text to Oracle APEX posting.

Great work Tyler!

Too bad that the service is not available in Europe 🙁

ORA-02014: cannot select FOR UPDATE from view with DISTINCT, GROUP BY, etc.

If you get an ORA-02014: cannot select FOR UPDATE from view with DISTINCT, GROUP BY, etc. from your DML process when you submit the changes in an Oracle APEX application, then this is because Oracle APEX tries to lock the effected record before it updates/deletes it. This behavior was introduced in Oracle APEX 3.0, but with the side effect that complex updateable views with an instead of trigger get the above error.

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